May 2010


Your Club Needs YOUR Help

June and July is an extremely busy period for the Club in respect of schools liaison activities. During the six-weeks period to mid-July, the Club will be assisting with 14 schools’ athletics meetings – seven at Hornchurch and seven at Mayesbrook – all mid-week. At Hornchurch assistance is needed to help sell refreshments in the Clubhouse and also in providing sensible car parking. At Mayesbrook, the help is needed in the Clubhouse selling refreshments.

A very small number of volunteers has carried this load for several years but we now are asking for more people to offer to give up some time, if only for a couple of hours.

Please don’t let this item fall on deaf ears. Talk to either Jean Tierney (01708 341547) or Irene Brennan (01708 471344) to see how you could get involved. It’s a satisfying way to help the Club and the income raised from selling soft drinks etc provides vital funding to help keep costs down.



Track Discipline

There continues to be issues about track discipline at Hornchurch and efforts will be made to remind all athletes of the correct lane(s) to use for the various distances. As part of this process, a ‘white board’ has been introduced for an experiment period on which coaches are being encouraged to indicate details of lanes being used during each training session. In order to avoid any serious accidents, the like of which occurred last year, it is important that all coaches and athletes support initiatives such as this.


Hornchurch Stadium:
  • Lanes 1 & 2	Race Walking & Middle distance
  • Lanes 3 & 4	Sprinters
  • Lane 5		Hurdles
  • Lane 6		Warm down

    Mayesbrook Arena:
  • Lanes 1 & 2	Race Walking & Middle distance
  • Lanes 3 , 4 & 5	Sprinters
  • Lane 6 & 7		Hurdles
  • Lane 8		Warm down


    Club athletes have made an encouraging start to the 2010 track and field season. Many won medals during the three days of the Essex County Championships. All results are on the Club’s website –

    In the leagues, there have been wins for the Eastern Young, National Young, National Junior and Men’s Southern League squads. The National Junior league squad looks particularly strong this season and a place in the promotion match at Hendon on August 29th for a place in the Premier League looks a real possibility.

    At each league meeting, the Club has to provide a number of qualified officials in addition to a number of helpers. We are grateful to everybody who assists in one way or another but would welcome enquiries from any adults who feel they might be interested in getting more involved, possibly by attending an officials course and obtaining a Level 1 qualification.


    We need to remind all members that we expect you to compete for the Club when asked to do so by Team Managers. Regrettably, there are a number of athletes who are always unavailable for one reason or another. Club policy is NOT to renew the memberships of those who consistently make themselves unavailable.

    The current situation is being closely monitored so please make certain that you are eligible to renew your membership when the time comes in January 2011. This policy does not only apply to young athletes – senior members have the same responsibility. Our coaches do not give up their time just to help members to ‘keep fit’. Being available to represent the Club is a condition of continued membership that every member signs up to.


    First Aid

    On Saturday March 20th, a group of Club members and friends attended a First Aid course organised by the Club. All passed and are now qualified to act as First Aiders at training sessions. They are George Dalby, Lesley Gahagan, Pat Gahagan, Jenny Golan, Lyn James, Kerry Nelson, Claire Richards, Simon Richards, Angie Thompson and Jean Tierney. 




    New Club President

    At the Club’s Annual General Meeting held in March, highly respected Club stalwart Kevin White took over the reins as Club President with Mark Bishop standing down after an excellent six years in the post. Mark became a Life Vice President and has retained his place on the Club Committee.

    Sue Deane joined the Committee and Graham Knight  has taken over as Coaching Coordinator. Life Membership was awarded to Irene Brennan and Tony Benton for exceptional and meritorious service to the Club and active athletes Lauren Deadman and Lucy Sargent also became life members after obtaining GB international vests in 2009.



    An agreement has been reached with the local authority for a sharing of costs involved in essential repairs to track and field facilities at Mayesbrook. The work includes repair to the javelin run-up and part of the high jump fan, refurbishment of both throws circles and some minor repairs to the track adjacent to the 110m start.

    It is hoped that the work will be completed before our first home meeting of the season (Men’s Southern League) on Saturday, July 10th.


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