December 2006


England Athletics Announces Affiliation Fee

In recent weeks, England Athletics has announced the introduction of an annual affiliation fee for competing athletes in 2007. The fee scheme is to be administered by the clubs (a lot of additional work for our Membership Secretary) and collected fees will be paid over to England Athletics. The scheme is due to commence on the 1st April, 2007.

Having paid the annual fee, competing athletes will be issued with a unique number by England Athletics and this number will have to be provided to relevant organisers before competing in any league, county, regional or national competition.

The fee applies only to competing, first-claim athletes. It will not apply to our coaches and administrators except where that person is also a competing athlete.

The fee to be charged by England Athletics 3 for the first year and 5 for subsequent years. However, as HMAC membership fees have remained unchanged for some years, members of the Committee have agreed that relevant fees will be increased by 5 with effect from 1st January, 2007.

How this increase affects the various categories of membership will be indicated clearly on membership application and membership renewal forms which will be distributed early in the New Year. If in the meantime, you have any questions about the new affiliation scheme, please talk to Doug Tierney or contact him on 01708 341547.




This is the first issue of TrackChat for some time and we hope you have missed it!

Effective communication with members within a Club the size of Havering Mayesbrook is very important. Our website ( is one of the best in  club athletics, but there is also a need for a regular newsletter to keep members in touch with developments and our intention is to issue TrackChat in future on a more regular basis. If there is anything you would like to see included in future, do talk to Derek Drew or let any member of the Finance & General Purposes Committee have your ideas (see list of Committee members below.



The following Spring Warm-up meetings will be organised in the New Year:

Sunday, 25th March  (Hornchurch Stadium)

Selected track and field events

Sunday 15th April      (Mayesbrook Arena)   

Full programme

Volunteers required for Hornchurch canteen

Effective immediately. the Club is looking for a volunteer to run the canteen at Hornchurch Stadium on Monday and Wednesday evenings and for other volunteers to help out in the canteen on a rota basis. It’s a useful way to help the Club and a nice warm environment on cold winter evenings.

Interested? Please talk to Brian Kiernan or any other member of the Committee

Team Managers – Track & Field 2007

The following Team Manager appointments have been confirmed for the 2007 Track & Field season:

  • UK Women’s League:                                     Tony Benton

  • Southern Women’s League:                             Martin Cooper/Sharon Cossey / John  Deacon

  • Southern Men’s League (Divs 1 & 3):                Peter Estcourt/Kevin White

  • National Young Athletes & Eastern Young Leagues (U17s): Gordon Kerr

Volunteers are urgently required for the following Team Manager vacancies:

  • National Junior League (Men and Women)

  • National Young Athletes and Eastern Young Leagues (Under 13s/Under 15s Boys and Girls)

If you are interested in the above, please contact Jean Tierney on 01708 341547.


Going to the Dogs!

Watch out in the New Year for details of a social evening at Romford Greyhound Stadium – three-course meal plus the opportunity to have a flutter. You can indicate your interest by talking to any member of the Committee. 



Boxing Day Handicap

Dave Bland has been organising this annual event for well over 40 years but this year is having a well earned rest, Pat Gahagan will be standing in as organiser this year for the first time. As usual the race will be take place at Rise Park, Romford entries at 10.00 start at 10.30 a.m.  for athletes aged 15 or over. For more details give Pat a phone on 01708 471539.


Health & Safety

In liaison with the local authority and AFC Hornchurch, the Club is producing a Health &  Safety policy. This will contain details of emergency procedures and will indicate what facilities and equipment the Club is responsible for maintaining.

In the case of what to do in the event of a fire, relevant bodies have now agreed that the ‘gathering point’ will be the centre of the pitch at both Hornchurch Stadium and Mayesbrook Arena. A copy of the policy will be available in each Clubhouse once published.


Annual General Meeting 2007

The Club’s 2007 AGM will be held on Friday, 16th March 2007 at the Havering Indoor Bowls Club, Harrow Lodge commencing at 8.00pm.


Essex AAA

At the Annual General Meeting of the Essex AAA, Jean Tierney was inaugurated as President for 2007. We wish Jean well during her year of office and also congratulate Mike Munson who has been appointed to the Essex AAA Committee.



Non-renewal of Membership

Those members who have been taking up the valuable time of coaches and using the track and field facilities at both tracks on a regular basis but who never make themselves available to compete for the Club, may get an unwelcome surprise when membership renewal forms are distributed in January.

Members of the Club Committee together with our coaches feel strongly that the time has come when certain members will not be invited to renew for 2007. When joining the Club, all members commit to competing for the Club when requested to do by Team Managers. Regrettably, there has been an increasing number of members who are ‘never available’ for one reason or another. With the Club still having waiting lists, it makes no sense, therefore, to allow those individuals to renew their membership. Each case will be carefully assessed before any individual decision is taken.


Committee Members

Mark Bishop (President); Doug Tierney (Chairman); Jean Tierney (Secretary);

Irene Brennan (Treasurer); Trevor Wells (Vice Chairman); David Bland (Life Vice President); Brian Kiernan (Life Vice President); Ann Drew, Derek Drew, Claire Brennan, Laurie Cooper, Mike Munson, Sharon Cossey, John Deacon.



The Club would like to take this opportunity to wish all members a very happy Christmas and a successful New Year


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