December 2008


2008 Track and Field Awards

The annual Track & Field awards ceremony took place in the AFC Hornchurch clubhouse last Friday evening (28 November). Havering Sports Council Chairman, Derek Drew, who is also a Life Vice President of HMAC, presented the awards. The full list of award winners together with photographs and the text of Club Chairman Doug Tierney’s speech can be found at this link


 Health & Safety - Hornchurch Stadium

After urging the local authority over many months to (a) improve the lighting at the turnstiles and (b) introduce speed bumps, we are pleased that both issues have been dealt with. In addition, lighting in the car park has been improved. We are still pressing for some form of lighting to be introduced on the pathway leading from the Bridge Avenue entrance down to the turnstiles. Would all parents please note that with these improvements, no vehicles are allowed to stop at the turnstiles to drop off athletes or to carry out three-point turns!

Fluorescent Bibs

All athletes going on regular road runs as part of their winter training should wear a fluorescent bib or some other form of illumination (e.g. arm bands). Bibs are available from Irene Brennan at a discounted price of 3.50.

Clubs Unlimited Benefit Scheme

The Club has registered with Asics Unlimited who offer an on-line purchasing scheme for Asics products. There is an exclusive HMAC code – HM08W – that is valid until 31st January 2009 after which a new code will issued – see poster in Clubhouses for continual update. Basically, the scheme offers a unique opportunity to purchase products at Stating the Club code will allow members to receive 15% discount and to earn HMAC a 7.5% donation. New products will be added on a monthly basis.


  The Club will be holding Spring Warm-up meetings next year on the following dates:

Sunday, 29th March 29th, 2009 Hornchurch Stadium Track and Jumps only

Saturday, 4th April – Mayesbrook Arena – full meeting


London Marathon 2008 Entries

The Club still has places available in the 2009 London Marathon. These are usually allocated to members who have received reject letters from the organisers. If you are interested, call Dave Bland on 01277 231456.


Welcome Packs

A ‘Welcome Pack’ for new members is currently being produced and will be available in January.



Boxing Day Handicap

The Club’s traditional Boxing Day Handicap will take place on December 26th starting at 10.30am in Rise Park. The handicap is based on road race performances (5m to 10m) and/or previous times in the event. There is a voluntary donation from competitors to the Alzheimer’s Society. All HMAC athletes and members of local clubs over the age of 16 are welcome.


Mini-Marathon Trials

Mini-Marathon trials for 2009 will take place as follows:

Barking & Dagenham                 Sunday, 25th January (Mayesbrook Arena)

Havering                                    Sunday, 8th February (Harrow Lodge)

Look out for details regarding pre-registration. All triallists must be at least 11 years old and not over 17 on the day of the London Marathon, 26th April, 2009.

Annual General Meeting

The Club’s Annual General Meeting will be held on Friday, 20th March 2009 commencing at 8pm in the Havering Indoor Bowls Club, Harrow Lodge.

All fully paid-up members aged 16 and above are welcome.



Track Discipline

One of the important items in the ‘Welcome Pack’ referred to above is the need for all coaches to ensure that athletes in their charge follow the track discipline set down for both Hornchurch Stadium and the Mayesbrook Arena. There have been several instances recently at Hornchurch where accidents have almost been caused due to young athletes in particular not knowing which lanes they should be in.

The rules are as follows.

Hornchurch Stadium

Lanes 1 & 2 

Lanes 3 & 4

Lane 5 

Lane 6


Middle distance and  race walking



Warn down

Mayesbrook Arena

Lanes 1 & 2      

Lanes 3, 4 & 5  

Lanes 6 & 7   

Lane 8     


Middle distance and  race walking



Warm down


2009 Membership Rates

Membership renewals for 2009 will be distributed shortly. At their most recent meeting, members of the Club’s Finance & General Purposes Committee agreed the following amendment to age groups/rates:

Senior members aged 21 and above

Junior members aged 10 and over but under 21                

University students (full-time and living away from home)  

Coaches, Officials and Club Administrators                              






we wish all members a very happy Christmas and a successful New Year

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