Club Coaches 2019-20

Photos by Tony Benton

We are very pleased to have an excellent & dedicated team of volunteer coaches, covering the full range of events

Sprints, Hurdles & Jumps


Trevor Wells Level 4 Jumps Coach

Tony Benton Level 3 Hurdles & Sprints Coach


Ruth O'Sullivan Level 3 Sprints Coach

  Stuart Tufton - Pole Vault Coach


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Mark Bishop Level 3 Combined Events

  Darren Priestley - Events Coach Speed



 Sam Harrison Level 2 Throws


Steve Savill - Athletics Coach (javelin)


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Peter Quinn - Athletics Coach - Jumps & Throws


Debbie Ennis - Coaching Assistant (Throws)

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Andy Ennis - Coaching Assistant (Throws)

  John Page - Coaching Assistant (Javelin)

Endurance/middle distance

Dave Naylor Level 3 Middle Distance Coach   Eileen Naylor Level 2 Middle Distance Coach

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Kevin White Level 1 Assistant Coach   Russ Middleton  Athletics Coach (Endurance)

Endurance/middle distance (400m & upwards)


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Pat Gahagan Level 4 Middle Distance Coach Lesley Gahagan Level 2 Coach
Claire Richards Level 2 Coach Liz Laughlin Coaching Assistant


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  With support from Peter Quinn

Marvin Harriott - Coaching Assistant


Young Athletes/General

Linda Smith Level 3 Coach   Rachel Kerr Athletics Coach

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Derek Earney Level 1 Coach   James Campbell - Coaching Assistant

Gary Howard Athletics Coach   Joanne Day Athletics Coach
Sue Deane Level 2 Coach   Jenny Golan Level 1 Assistant Coach

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Tamar Green - Coaching Assistant    Florence Okoro - Coaching Assistant 

Other qualified/licensed coaches/assistants

Martin Chester, John Barker, Tracy O'Neill

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