London Mini Marathon – Sunday, 22nd April 2007  

Havering’s young athletes won the London Challenge once again in the adidas Mini London Marathon on Sunday.

The annual competition run over the last 4km of the main London Marathon course with teams from all 33 London boroughs taking part is a curtain raiser to the main event. Havering has a superb record in the event winning seven times in the last eight years.

Team selection came through trials held in February and, as in previous years, there was a strong contingent from the local Club, Havering Mayesbrook AC.

This year saw some excellent individual and age-group team performances. Top ten placings went to Michael Jones (3rd – 13/14 age group), Rebecca O’Neill (4th – 11/12), Georgie-Lou Sales (6th – 15/17), Jamie Buckley-Stanton (6th 13/14), Sidnie Sales (9th – 13/14) and Matthew Bloy (10th – 15/17).

The team’s success was due in no small part to a large number of athletes finishing in the top-50 in their respective age groups. These included Jade Edwards (18th), Christina Holland (27th), Alexandra Beard (41st), Ingrid Deane (47th), Jennifer Holland (10th), Gemma Phillips (14th), Eleanor Bounds (17th), Emma McAuliffe (50th), Shannon Sullivan (23rd), Amanda Blaxland (29th), Robert Jones (15th), Michael Donovan (17th), Daniel Winters (31st), John Whitehead (32nd), Daniel Shanney (34th), Jack Waldon (27th), Christopher Sullivan (44th), Ryan O’Mahoney (15th), Thomas Davis (26th) and Harry Picking (32nd).

Other athletes running in their age group for the first time and gaining valuable points for the team included Katie Miles, Francesca Clark, Louisa Wood, Patsy McWeeny, Sharmila Golan, Alexandra Edwards, Hannah Bloy, Deborah Knight, Holly Thomas, Jessica Seekings, Nancy Kane, Thomas Shanney, Callum Sutton, Liam Bush, Daniel Herold, Jack Harvey, Ben Western, Jonathan Seekings, Finbar Smyth, Andrew Holland, Adam Edwards and Daniel Wood.

Team managers Jean and Doug Tierney were full of praise for the young athletes for again maintaining Havering’s fine reputation in the event. Special thanks were also expressed to the young adults from Havering Mayesbrook who got up very early on Sunday morning in order to travel with the team and manage the individual age-group squads.

Girls 11/12  

4 Rebecca O'Neill; 9. Rebecca Stanley (B & D) 23 Shannon Sullivan; 29 Amanda Blaxland; 55. Hannah Bloy; 56 Deborah Knight; 88 Holly Thomas;  95. Jessica Seekings; 142. Nancy Kane

Girls 13/14

27 Zoey Littlechild (B & D); 9. Sidnie Sales; 10 Jennifer Holland; 14. Gemma Phillips;17. Eleanor Bounds; 30. Rachel Sadler; 50 Emma McAuliffe; 65. Patsy McWeeney; 126. Sharmila Golan; 135. Alex Edwards

Girls 15/16/

6. Georgie-Lou Sales 19:00;  18. Jade Edwards; 27. Christina Holland; 41. Alex Beard; 47. Ingrid Deane; 56. Katie Miles; 58. Francesca Clark; 67 Emma Fox (B & D) 114. Louisa Wood

Boys 11/12

15 Ryan O'Mahoney; 26. Thomas Davis; 32. Harry Picking;  63 Jonathon Seekings ; 104. Finbar Smyth; 144. Andrew Holland; 157. Adam Edwards

Boys 13/14

3. Michael Jones; 6 Jamie Buckley-Stanton; 27. Jack Waldon; 44. Chris Sullivan; 52. Liam Bush; 72 Daniel Herold; 121 Jack Harvey; 205 Ben Western;

Boys 15/16

10. Matt Bloy; 15. Rob Jones; 23. Michael Donovan;  31. Daniel Winters;  32 John Whitehead;  34. Daniel Shanney;  59 Thomas Shanney 15:33; 79. Callum Sutton

Club Members: Havering  Barking & Dagenham

Non-HMAC Members in Havering Team


Pic: Karen Knight


Graham Pritchard was first club member home in the marathon proper finishing in 3h 5m 29s. He was well on target for a sub- three hour clocking but like many taking part was badly affected by the  heat wave conditions over the latter part of the race.

Other finishers:

Ian Anthony 3:11.57; Martin Chester 3:24.02; Denise Harris 3:39.57; Pat Gahagan 4:04.06; Kevin Benton 4:05.43; Graham Foster 4:24.12