Essex Championships 12-13 May 2001 Southend

Golden Weekend at Southend

In sizzling and often breezy conditions, Havering Mayesbrook AC's athletes piled up the medals on Days 2 and 3 of the Essex County Championships at Southend last Saturday and Sunday.

Over the two days HMAC athletes mounted the rostrum to received 50 medals, 15 of them gold, a massive improvement over last year's 35 medal haul. With 14 medals gained on the first day the previous week the total rose to an enormous 64.

Double gold honours went to Laurie Cossey (Senior Women - 400m & 800m), Kate Brewington (Senior Long Jump & High Jump) and Terry O'Leary (Under 15 Boys' Javelin & Shot). Brewington and O'Leary both added bronze medals in shot and 400m respectively, and Brewington also added a 100m hurdles silver. 

Laurie Cossey (left) - Double gold at Southend

Sara Luck (pictured right) combined U15 Girls' 800m gold with High Jump Silver, behind victorious club mate Katie O'Sullivan, while Sarah Deacon also added a Junior Women's discus silver to her Hammer gold. 

Another gold-silver haul came from Faye Fullerton who won the 1500m on Saturday, but had to settle for runners up in the 800m on Sunday. 

The hurdles events brought 9 medals including an unbeatable gold-silver and bronze from training partners Danielle Ross, Nicola Schofield and Caroline Smith in the U15 Girls 75m hurdles, in which HMAC contributed five of the eight finalists while in the U17 80m hurdles event Claire Sargent came from behind to snatch gold. 

The Championships provided an excellent showcase for the club's talented members to show their increasing strength across all aspects of track and field. 


Danielle Ross. Nicola Schofield & Caroline Smith: 

75m Hurdles - Gold-silver-bronze.


Golds (15): SW Kate Brewington - Long Jump & High Jump, Laurie Cossey - 400m & 800m; Irene Bateman 3 km walk;  JW: Faye Fullerton - 1500m; Sarah Deacon - Hammer; U17W Claire Sargent - 80m hurdles;  U15G: Sara Luck 800m; Danielle Ross - 75m hurdles; Katie O'Sullivan - High Jump;  JM - Kevin Deacon - Hammer;  U17M  - Steve Prady - High Jump. U15M - Terry O'Leary - Javelin & Shot 

Silver (16) : SW Sara Sappinen - 400m hurdles; Corrina Keevil - Triple Jump; JW 200m - Hannah Gamester; 800m Faye Fullerton; Melissa Felton - 400m hurdles; Sarah Deacon - Discus (PB); Hayley Mottram - 400m;  U17W : Laura Jones - 100m;  U15G: Nicola Schofield - 75m hurdles; Megan Foley - 800m; High Jump - Sara Luck; U13G Lauren Clark - 800m;  U15B - Joe Golding - 800m; JM  - Shaun Stewart - 100m & 200m; SM Kevin Benton - 400m hurdles

Bronze (20)  SW -  Claire Brennan - 400m Hurdles; Corrina Keevil - Triple Jump; Kate Brewington - Shot;  JW - Hannah Gamester - Long Jump & 100m; Lauren Deadman - 800m; Melissa Felton - discus; U17W Nina Brennan - 300m Hurdles ; Emma Baglin - Pole Vault;  U15G  Caroline Smith - 75m hurdles; Nicola Schofield - 100m; Christina Kalejaiye - Long Jump;  U13G - Helen McDonnell - 75m; SM - Ricky Brown - Triple Jump; U17M - Peter Phillips - 400m Hurdles; Mark Connelly - High Jump; Mark Gardiner - Long Jump;  U15B -  Terry O'Leary - 400m; Danny Skelt - 800m; U13B Matthew Watkins - 800m Vet Men -  1500m - Gary Howard


Competition continues this weekend when both the Girls' and Boys' under-17 teams are in action in their respective McDonald's leagues. The newly girls travel to Crystal Palace for their first Premier League Fixture whilst the boys face strong opposition at Enfield. Meanwhile, on Saturday the Ladies Southern League team are at Guildford, while on Sunday both Men's and Women's Senior teams compete in first round of their respective cup competitions at Battersea Park. 

Selected club results: see below


Under 13s

75m   3rd Helen McDonnell 10.6w sec (10.5w heat); 8th Lucy Sargent 10.8w sec (10.4w ht)

Helen McDonnell Lucy Sargent 

800m   2nd Lauren Clark 2m 31.2 (pb) secs; 4th Katie Richardson 2m 34.2 sec (pb)

Under 15s

100m - 3rd  Nicola Schofield 12.9 secs (12.8 heat); Other Finalists: Christina Kalejaiye (13.0 heat); Sara Luck

800m - 1st - Sara Luck 2m 17.3 secs; 2nd - Megan Foley - 2m 20.1secs (pb); 5th - Caroline Smith - 2m 27.7 secs; 8th Vicky Smith 2m 33.9 sec (2m 31.9 sec -pb). In heat Carmel Munson 2m 32.0 - pb

100m heat - Joanna Taylor, Danielle Ross, Nicola Schofield Megan Foley - 800m heat Sara Luck - 800m heat

U15 - 75m Hurdles: 1st  Danielle Ross 12.1sec (pb); 2nd Nicola Schofield 12.1sec (pb); 3rd Caroline Smith 12.3sec (pb); 7th Katie O’Sullivan 12.7sec; 8th Chloe Van Wulven 12.8sec (pb)  

75m hurdles heat Danielle Ross 75m hurdles heat - Nicola Schofield & Caroline Smith 75m hurdles heat - medallists

Shot - 8th Caroline Smith  8.50m

High Jump - 1st - Katie O'Sullivan 1.53m (pictured)

2nd - Sara Luck 1.50m 

Long jump - 3rd - Christina Kalejaiye 4.52m; 7th Caroline Smith 4.30m; 8th Kirsty Smith 4.23m  

Under 17s

100m - 2nd Laura Jones 12.8sec

800m - 4th Rosie Saunders 2m 24.1 sec

80m Hurdles -  1st Clare Sargent 12.1sec (pb); 4th  Nina Brennan 12.9sec (= pb) (both pictured right)

300m Hurdles - 3rd Nina Brennan 49.8 secs

Pole Vault - 3rd Emma Baglin 1.50m (pb)

Shot - 8th Mel Harrison 8.68m

Clare Sargent (centre) & Nina Brennan (left)

Junior Women / U20s

100m 3rd  Hannah Gamester 12.9sec ; 4th Francesca Rigby   13.3 (pb)

200m  2nd  Hannah Gamester 26.8sec

400m 2nd  Hayley Mottram  61.4sec; ?5th Gemma Tyler 67.3 secs

800m 2nd Faye Fullerton 2m 11.8 sec 3rd Lauren Deadman 2m 14.9 sec (pb); 5th Lydia Comley 2m 20.6 sec; 8th Helen Biscoe 2m 28.4 secs

Hayley Mottram - 400m (right) Lauren Deadman - 1500m Melissa Felton

1500m   1st Faye Fullerton 4.29.8sec ; 4th Lauren Deadman  4.41.2sec; 8th Helen Biscoe 5.04.3sec

400m hurdles 2nd Melissa Felton 72.1 sec (pb)

Long Jump 3rd Hannah Gamester   4.91m ; 4th Fran Rigby 4.74m (pb)

Discus 2nd Sarah Deacon  32.65m ; 3rd Melissa Felton 27.58m

Hammer 1st Sarah Deacon  35.02m

Senior Women / U20s

400m 1st Laurie Cossey 59.2 sec; 4th Ruth O’Sullivan 62.1sec

800m 1st Laurie Cossey 2m 14.7 sec; 5th Lesley Felton 2m 22.8sec

100m Hurdles - 2nd Kate Brewington 14.5sec ; 4th Claire Brennan 16.0sec  

Laurie Cossey - 400m Claire Brennan (right) - 100m Hurdles Sara Sappinen - 400m Hurdles

400m Hurdles - 2nd Sara Sappinen 66.1 sec ; 3rd Claire Brennan 72.5 sec (pb)

3km walk - 1st Irene Bateman 17m 54.2 secs

Long Jump - 1st Kate Brewington 5.57m ; 3rd Corrina Keevil 4.37m

High Jump - 1st Kate Brewington 1.60m  

Triple Jump - 2nd Corrina Keevil (pictured - right)

Shot  3rd  Kate Brewington 8.83m

Javelin  5th  Kate Brewington 28.98m





Under 13s

100m 6th Matthew Watkins 14.9sec

800m 3rd Matthew Watkins 2m 32.7 sec

Under 15s

400m 3rd Terry O'Leary 57.7; 5th Andrew Luck 63.9 secs 6th Christian Newton 64.6 secs 

800m 2nd Joe Golding 2.10.9sec; 3rd Danny Skelt 2.11.0sec

Joe Golding Danny Skelt  Terry O'Leary

Javelin 1st Terry O'Leary 42.71m (pb) 

Shot 1st Terry O'Leary 12.25m (pb) 

Under 17s

800m - 5th Martin Heys 2.08.1sec; 8th Peter Jones  2.12.3sec

Martin Heys Peter Jones  Peter Phillips

400m hurdles - 3rd Peter Phillips 62.6 secs (61.1 secs heat - PB) 

High Jump 1st Steven Prady  1.85m ; 3rd Mark Connelly 1.70m

Long Jump 2nd Steven Prady 6.19m; 3rd Mark Gardiner 6.13m  

Steven Prady - High Jump Steven Prady - Long Jump Mark Gardiner - Long Jump

Junior Men/u20

100m 2nd Shaun Stewart 11.0sec

200m 2nd Shaun Stewart 6th Adrian Lunan  

Shot   5th  Andrew Tierney 10.67m (pb)

Discus   4th  Andrew Tierney 31.52m (pb)

Hammer 1st Kevin Deacon 39.84m  

Senior Men

Phil Sadler & Scott Spencer


Phil Tierney (left) 400m heat


200m 4th Phil Sadler 22.2 sec

400m 4th Phil Sadler 50.7sec; 5th Scott Spencer 50.8sec

800m (heat) - Neil Collins - 2m 07.1 (pb) (see photo right)

400m Hurdles - 2nd Kevin Benton 58.8 secs

1500m 7th Rob Dickenson 

5000m 6th Rob Dickenson 16.52.2sec

3000m s/c 3rd Rob Warner 10m 44.7 secs

Javelin 5th Sam Harrison 46.64m

Triple Jump 3rd Ricky Brown 13.77m  


Neil Collins 

Veteran Men

400m 4th Kevin White 57.4 (photo right)

1500m 3rd Gary Howard