Essex Championships  – Chelmsford Saturday 14th & Sunday 15th May 2016


Golds  (14)

Silver: (14)

Bronze (15)   

Senior Men Paul Grange 300m Vets Paul Grange 800m; Matt Bland 1500m Vets Alex Law LJ; Sydney Conteh 200m
Senior Women Alexa Joel 3000m &1500m; Bethan Siddons HJ; Georgie Taylor DT Louise Lacy JT; Georgie Taylor SP Emma Christmas JT
Under 20 Men   Ben Davis 1500m Lewis Bailey 100m
Under 20 Women   Lucy Bailey 100mH Georgia Woodburn JT; Katie Dawson 400m
Under 17 Men Paul Okesola DT Jack Noons PV Jack Rice 800m
Under 17 Women   Jess Mitchell 800m; Kate O'Neill 3000m; Mayi Hughes HJ; Elysha Thatcher-Gray SP Jess Mitchell 1500m; Philippa Gill JT
Under 15 Boys Max Law JT & DT; JJ Morris 200m    
Under 15 girls Rosie Brown DT Robyn Moody DT Robyn Moody SP; Elize Bonning TJ
Under 13 Boys Ashton Thatcher-Gray LJ; Alex Ford 1500m Daragh Thomas HJ Alex Ford 800m
Under 13 girls Ruby Mace HJ; Alice Brown DT Isabella Smith 100m; Alice Brown 800m; Ruby Mace 70mH; Hannah Yexley DT; Sydney Foley 1500m


Havering athletes bagged a 40+ medal haul at this weekend's Essex Championships at Chelmsford, setting a club record and three Championship Best Performances in the process.

Alice Brown's winning Under 13 girls' discus throw of 29.21m not only took gold but wiped Robyn Moody's Championship Best mark from the record books, and Alice also won silver in the 800m.  Ruby Mace was also in sparkling form equalling her best for high jump gold, and twice improving her hurdles best on the way to bronze. Isabella Smith smashed her career best in winning 100m silver in this age group, as did bronze medallists Sydney Foley (1500m) & Hannah Yexley (discus) to make it seven medal in total.

At the other end of the age groups it was also lucky seven for the Senior Women.  Alexa Joel took important steps back from long term injury with double gold, taking the 3000m in chilly conditions on Saturday before adding the 1500m title in better conditions on Sunday. Georgie Taylor also opened her account for 2016 with victory in the discus and added shot silver in her first competitions as a senior. Bethan Siddons added to her tally of high jump golds and Louise Lacy - the former Miss Lockwood - and Emma Christmas were second & third in the javelin to cap a successful weekend for the seniors.

There was also a seven medal haul for the Under 17 women with Elysha Thatcher-Gray further improving on her shot record for silver. Jess Mitchell's 800m personal best earned her silver, to add to the 1500m bronze she won on Saturday, and Kate O'Neill made up for missing a 1500m podium place by winning 3000m silver in a new PB. Mayi Hughes won 300m hurdles bronze in only her second outing at the event, and also won high jump silver, while Philippa Gill's javelin bronze completed the tally.

Max Law delivered another impressive pair of victories in the Under 15 boys' age group again coming close to 60m in the javelin and closed in on 40m in winning the discus. JJ Morris ran a blistering bend to set up a 200m victory and held on to win gold in a new career best as his rivals closed in. Alex Ford's fine middle distance form won 1500m gold and 800m bronze for the Under 13 boys while Ashton Thatcher-Gray won long jump gold and Daragh Thomas added high jump silver to his pentathlon bronze two weeks earlier..

Paul Grange was in great form in the Senior & Veteran Men's events improving his own veteran's 300m championship best for gold, and adding senior 800m silver. Matt Bland's strong run in the veteran's 1500m brought him silver and Sydney Conteh's personal best earned him senior 200m bronze.  Alex Law's token long jump was good enough for bronze before withdrawing with a hamstring twinge.

Paul Okesola won discus gold in the Under 17 Men's age group and Jack Rice's brave run brought him a new PB and 800m bronze while Jack Noons took pole vault silver. For the Under 20 Men Lewis Bailey improved his best for bronze in the 100m and Ben Davis ran well for 1500m silver.

Rosie Brown further added to her discus PB to win the Under 15 girls' title with Robyn Moody in silver position and Moody added shot bronze, while Elize Bonning won bronze on her triple jump debut.


U13 Boys:

200m 4th Daragh Thomas 28.36 PB

800m: 3rd - Alex Ford 2:32.70s

1500m: 1st - Alex Ford 4:57.86s

LJ: 1st - Ashton Thatcher-Gray 4.51w

HJ  2nd Daragh Thomas 1.30m

U15 Boys:

100m 4th JJ Morris 11.76w PB (Heat: 11.81w); 8th Tobi Idowu 12.28s w (Heat 12.12w  PB)

200m 1st -  JJ Morris 24.31s PB

800m - 6th Alex Friend 2:16.33s PB

1500m - 8th Oliver Woods 4:57.72s

LJ - 4th Tobi Idowu 5.40w PB 5th JJ Morris 5.23

JT - 1st - Max Law 59.59m CBP; 6th Peter Brinton-Quinn 32.90m

DT - 1st - Max Law 39.73m PB; 7th - Robert Moore 23.48m

HT - 5th - Robert Moore 33.15m PB; 9th Aaron Freshwater 17.62m

SP - 7th - Robert Moore 9.73m

U17 Men:

100m -  Heat: Jack Noons 12.48w

800m 3rd - Jack Rice 2:00.78 PB (Heat: 2:01.02) Heat; Lewis Debenham 2:09.26s

1500m 5th Jack Rice 4:19.88s

3000m 8th Sam Atkins 10:08.10s

PV - 2nd - Jack Noons 2.20m

DT - 1st  Paul Okesola 36.56m

U20 Men:

100m - 3rd - Lewis Bailey 11.04s PB (Heat: 11.05); 4th Timi Kuye 11.16 =PB (Heat 11.16 PB); Heats: Heat: Elliott Addison 11.83 PB; Richard Peel 12.00;

200m - 4th - Lewis Bailey 22.35w PB (Heat: 22.78w); 5th Timi Kuye 22.44w PB (Heat 22.80w); Heat: Richard Peel 24.31s PB

400m: 5th  - Fraser Boston 53.57s; 6th - Michael Duncan 54.57s; Elliott Addison 55.37 PB

800m: 8th  - Kieran O'Hara 2:10.66s

1500m - 2nd - Ben Davis 4:12.29s

DT: 4th  - Michael Duncan 35.58m

Senior/Vet Men:

200m Senior -  3rd - Sydney Conteh 23.45s PB

300m Vets -  1st - Paul Grange M35 37.30s PB/CBP

800m Senior -  2nd - Paul Grange M35 1:56.27

1500m Vets - 2nd - Matt Bland M45 4:21.61; 4th - Steve Rand 4:28.77s

LJ - 3rd - Alex Law 4.07m

JT - 5th - Sam Harrison 44.36m

U13 Girls:  

100m 2nd Isabella Smith 13.60s PB (Heat: 13.67s) 8th Lilly Hadrava 14.62s (Heat: 14.40s) Heat Alice Atkins 15.04w

200m 5th Lilly Hadrava 29.92s (Heat: 29.86s PB) 6th Alice Atkins 30.76s (Heat: 30.40w PB) Heat: Lily-Rose Birch 30.94w PB

800m 2nd - Alice Brown 2:35.95s; Rebecca O'Rourke 3:05.02, Rose Mears 3:05.64

1500m 3rd - Sydney Foley 5:20.85s PB; 6th Hannah Yexley 5:37.44s PB; 10th Chloe Rand 5:55.05s

70m Hurdles 3rd Ruby Mace 11.80w PB (Heat: 11.86s) 4th Alice Atkins 12.64w PB (Heat: 12.99s). Heat: Lily-Rose Birch 14.99w PB

LJ 4th Alice Atkins 3.59w; 5th Lily-Rose Birch 3.59m PB

HJ 1st Ruby Mace 1.45m; 6th Alice Atkins 1.20 PB

DT 1st - Alice Brown 29.21m PB & CBP; 3rd Hannah Yexley 15.20

U15 Girls:

100m: Heat: Chloe Chapman 14.64w

200m: Heat: Chloe Chapman 30.60s

300m: Heat: Rosie Brown 45.05s

800m: Heat: Hannah Panchal 2:34.58; Poppy Ellis 2:47.86s

75m Hurdles: 4th Grace Newson 11.96s (Ht: 11.96); 6th Millie Hodges 12.11s (Heat: 12.07s PB); Heat: Elize Bonning 13.06

HJ - 10th Hannah Paton 1.35m PB

LJ - 16th Poppy Ellis 3.81m

TJ - 3rd Elize Bonning 7.65w

DT - 1st - Rosie Brown 31.37m PB; 2nd - Robyn Moody 26.21m; 4th Eloise McAuliffe 21.44m PB

SP 3rd - Robyn Moody 8.99m

U17 Women:

100m Heat Abigail Shipton 13.10w

200m Heat Holly Nash 27.73s

800m -  2nd Jessica Mitchell 2:19.25s PB

1500m -  3rd Jessica Mitchell 4:50.46; 4th Kate O'Neill 4:57.28

3000m -  2nd Kate O'Neill 10:30.40s PB; 7th Sophie Rand 11:55.09s

80m Hurdles: 4th Isabella Purdie 12.34w PB; 6th Shannon Dooley 12.65w

300m Hurdles: 3rd  Mayi Hughes 46.44s PB

HJ: 2nd  Mayi Hughes 1.50m

SP 2nd - Elysha Thatcher-Gray 11.95m PB & Club record;  5th - Philippa Gill 10.71m

JT - 3rd --  Philippa Gill 25.73m

HT 4th--  Philippa Gill 29.24m

U20 Women:

100mH: 2nd- Lucy Bailey 15.73s PB

400m 3rd Katie Dawson 61.10s PB

JT -3rd --  Georgia Woodburn 22.66m

Senior Women:

1500m 1st - Alexa Joel 4:47.87s

3000m 1st - Alexa Joel 10:13.39s; 9th Isabella Woods 11:23.82s

HJ 1st - Bethan Siddons 1.65m

JT 2nd- Louise Lacy 39.98m; 3rd Emma Christmas 38.81m

DT 1st - Georgie Taylor 42.14s

SP 2nd - Georgie Taylor 10.28s


Photos: Tony Benton, Emily Brown, Ian Law

Photos: Gary Howard