Essex Championships  – Chelmsford Saturday 13th & Sunday 14th May 2017


Golds  (21)

Silver: (13)

Bronze (4)   

Senior Men Rob Warner 2k 'chase & 5000m Alex Law LJ; Ayo Akinbehin 200m  
Senior Women Louise Lacy - JT; Claire Brennan PV; Beth James - TJ Bella Woods 5000m; Nicola Hill 200m  
Under 20 Men Tom Pitkin - 400m; Ben Davis 2k 'chase Finn Hutton 800m Michael Duncan - DT
Under 20 Women   Elysha Thatcher-Gray SP; Georgia Phillips 800m  
Under 17 Men Max Law JT    
Under 17 Women Molly Sweetman 800m & 1500m; Mayi Hughes - TJ; Rosie Brown DT Mayi Hughes - 80m H Jessica Mitchell - 1500m
Under 15 Boys      
Under 15 girls Sydney Foley - 3000m; Robyn Moody - SP; Alice Brown - DT; Adelaide Thatcher-Gay JT Robyn Moody - DT Sydney Foley - 1500m
Under 13 Boys Oliver Yexley - JT Matthew Blacklock 800m; Shane Hart 1500m Patrick McLean-Tattan HJ
Under 13 girls Paige Robinson - 70mH; Steph Okoro 100m & 200m; Maddie Georgiou DT Paige Robinson 100m; Hannah Yexley DT  


Havering athletes celebrated a golden weekend of athletics at the Essex Championships at Chelmsford, including a Championship Best Performances and a club record.

The throwing events are always a source of podium places for club athletes and Louise Lacy set the scene on Saturday morning winning the senior women’s javelin in a season’s best performance, coming close to the county record – a feat which the prodigious Max Law achieved in the Under 17 men’s event with his 61.12m throw which erased Bonne Buwembo’s 2006 mark.  For good measure Oliver Yexley and Adelaide Thatcher-Gray added gold in the Under 13 boys and Under 15 girls javelin. 

The discus produced an even better medal harvest.  Alice Brown and Robyn Moody won gold and silver in the Under 15 girls’ event, as did Maddie Georgiou and Hannah Yexley in the Under 13 girls, while Rosie Brown won the Under 17 event and Michael Duncan won bronze in the Under 20 Men’s competition.  Robyn Moody added Under 15 shot gold, Elysha Thatcher-Gray took Under 20 shot silver but Philippa Gill’s Under 17 hammer career best and club record didn’t make the medals.

Mayi Hughes’ Under 17 triple jump gold was the best of the jumps action, with Alex Law winning senior long jump silver, and Patrick McLean-Tattan Under 13 high jump bronze. Seniors Beth James and Claire Brennan also struck gold in the triple jump and vault.

Molly Sweetman took double gold in the Under 17 800m and 1500m, kicking for home off the last bend in the 1500m as an under the weather Jess Mitchell took bronze and Molly made it double gold with her 800m kick, both in personal bests and English Schools entry standards. Sydney Foley won Under15 1500m bronze on Saturday in a new PB and returned on Sunday to win the 3000m on her debut, and Bella Woods won senior 5000m silver of her first attempt at the event.

In the men’s middle distance events Ben Davis won the Under 20 Men’s 2000m steeplechase from the front with Rob Warner adding his 10th county ‘chase title in the senior men’s event, before running his second fastest 5000m time for senior gold.  Finn Hutton won 800m silver for the Under 20s while in the youngest Under13 age group Matthew Blacklock won 800m silver and Shane Hart also won silver in the 1500m on his county debut.

Tom Pitkin improved on his week-old best to snatch Under 20 400m gold in a photo finish, to go second on the club all time Under 20 list.  Ayo Akingbehin won senior men’s 200m silver, as did Nicola Hill in the senior ladies equivalent.  Stephanie Okoro won a superb sprint double taking both the Under 13 girls’ 100m and 200m golds, and with another year in the age group will return to defend her titles in 2018, while 100m runner up Paige Robinson had earlier won Under 13 hurdles gold.  Mayi Hughes won Under 17 hurdles silver in a high quality race for her first medal of the weekend.


U13 Boys:

75m Hurdles: Heat: Dominic Alexandru 15.88s; Patrick McLean-Tattan 15.40; 100m 8th Dominic Alexandru 14.56s (Heat: 14.45s); Heat:  Patrick McLean-Tattan 14.63s; 200m: Patrick McLean-Tattan 29.71s; 800m: 2nd - Matthew Blacklock 2:24.34; 5th Shane Hart 2:29.21s; 1500m: 2nd - Shane Hart 4:58.74s; JT: 1st - Oliver Yexley 35.77m; HJ  3rd - Patrick McLean-Tattan 1.30m; SP: 8th Patrick McLean-Tattan 6.30m; LJ: 16th Dominic Alexandru 3.60w

U15 Boys:

100m Heats: Michael Okoro 13.21s; Daragh Thomas 13.78s; 200m: Heats: Michael Okoro 26.48sl Daragh Thomas 26.60s; LJ: 10th Ashton Thatcher-Gray 4.35m

U17 Men:

100m -  Heat: Tayo Harry 12.68s 200m -  Heat: JJ Morris 24.64s; Tayo Harry 25.41s; 400m -  7th Alex Friend 56.27s; 800m -  5th Jack Rice 1:59.21s (Heat: 2:00.73s); Alex Friend 2:10.66s; 1500m Louis Berrett 4:51.66s; HJ 4th Euan McDonnell 1.70m; JT -  1st  Max Law 61.21m CBP; 4th Charlie Savill 36.66m

U20 Men:

200m Heat: Elliott Addison 23.5s; 400m -  1st  Tom Pitkin 48.59s; 5th - Matt Owers 52.68s; 800m -  2nd - Finn Hutton  1:57.74s (Heat: 2:01.70s) Heat: Kieran O'Hara 2:07.62s; 1500m 5th James Stewart 4m 26.56s; 2000m ' chase 1st  Ben Davis 6:12.98s; DT:  3rd - Michael Duncan 36.10m ; JT:  4th  - Michael Duncan 38.08m

Senior/Vet Men:

100m - 4th - Nathan Steele 11.50s  5th - Ayomide Akingbehin 11.86s; 200m -  2nd -  Ayomide Akingbehin 24.22s; 5000m 1st  Rob Warner 15m 27.75s; 2000m ' chase 1st  Rob Warner 6:16.13s; JT:  5th  - Sam Harrison 43.77m; LJ:  2nd -  Alex Law 6.34m

U13 Girls:  

100m 1st  Stephanie Okoro 13.95s (Heat: 13.94s) ; 2nd Paige Robinson 14.07s (Heat: 13.83);  4th - Paris King 14.31s (Heat: 14.35s); Heat: Olivia Boachie 14.52s  200m 1st  Stephanie Okoro 28.21s (Heat: 28.25s) ; Olivia Boachie 30.04s (Heat: 29.72s; Paris King 32.48s (Heat: 29.87s); 800m 4th Stephanie Okoro 2:31.25s; 7th Natalie Sewell 2:32.70s; 15th Claudia Attewell 2:57.45s; 1500m 5th Tilly Canty 5:27.86s; 7th Hannah Yexley 5:31.71; 9th Maddie Barker 5:39.07s; 70m Hurdles 1st Paige Robinson 12.89s (Heat: 12.60s); 7th Paris King 15.41s (Heat: 13.28s); 8th - Holly Bradley 16.93s (Heat: 14.59); DT 1st - Maddie Georgiou 26.15m; 2nd Hannah Yexley 23.14m

U15 Girls:

100m: Heat: Bella Smith 13.84s ; 200m: Heat: Bella Smith 28.90s; Jessie Collier 30.02s Alice Atkins 31.16s; 300m: Heat: Robyn Moody 45.99s ; Jessie Collier 49.07s; 800m: 4th Alice Brown 2m 21.55s Heat: 2:24.79); Heat: Rose Mears 2:45.67s; 3000m: 1st - Sydney Foley 10:44.52s; 5th - Rebecca O'Rourke 12:44.89s; 1500m: 3rd - Sydney Foley 4:57.91s; 75m Hurdles: 5th Ruby Mace 12.14s (Heat: 12.07 PB) 8th - Elize Bonning 13.18s (Heat: 12.25s. Heat; Alice Atkins 15.24; JT - 1st - Adelaide Thatcher-Gray 32.20m; 5th Jessie Collier 27.07m; DT - 1st - Alice Brown 29.79m; 2nd Robyn Moody 28.93m; ; 6th Jessie Collier  21.63m; 8th – Alice Atkins  18.95m. SP 1st - Robyn Moody 9.85m

 SP 1st - Robyn Moody 9.85m

U17 Women:

100m Heat Mary Igbinose-Ighile 13.79s; 300m: 4th Jade Kavanagh 42.57s (Heat: 42.57s); 6th Rosie Brown 43.31s (Heat 43.92s); 800m -  1st - Molly Sweetman 2:15.65s; 1500m - 1st - Molly Sweetman 4:42.26s; 3rd Jessica Mitchell 4:43.77s; 3000m: Catherine Barker 12:41.96s; 80m Hurdles: 2nd  Mayi Hughes 12.14s  (Heat: 12.06s); 8th Grace Newson 12.70 (Heat: 12.48s); Heats: Isabella Purdie 12.91s Millie Hodges 13.06s; LJ: 5th Jade Kavanagh 5.09m; 10th Charlotte Fransham 4.74m; TJ:  1st - Mayi Hughes 11.28m 5th Charlotte Fransham 9.68m; SP  4th - Philippa Gill 11.05m; JT - 5th --  Philippa Gill 29.02m; HT 5th --  Philippa Gill 36.60m (Club U17W Record) 36.60m; DT - 1st - Rosie Brown 31.49m

U20 Women:

SP  2nd - Elysha Thatcher-Gray 10.03m

Senior Women:

200m: 2nd  Nicola Hill 27.44s; 5000m: 2nd  Bella Woods 20:12.23s; LJ  5th - Beth James 4.22m; TJ 1st - Beth James 8.83m; JT 1st - Louise Lacy 47.39m; PV 1st - Claire Brennan 2.30m

Pics: Tony Benton, Emily Brown, Charlene Foley, Peter Warner, Charlene Foley, Sonia Robinson