Essex Relay Championships, Hornchurch, Friday 30th June 2017

Seven gold and seven other medals made for a successful evening's haul at the Essex Relay Championships which the club hosted at Hornchurch Stadium on Friday.

The sprint relays brought a rich medal harvest as Paris King, Stephanie Okoro, Olivia Boachie and Olivia Sorrell combined well for Under13 Girls' gold, Josie Waddams, Holly Nash, Emily James and Abi Shipton  took the Under 20 ladies honours, while Karl Tucker, Lewis Bailey, Ben Gad, and Joseph Ramie cruised home to win the senior men's race. Matthew Agnimel, Shandell Taylor, Kieran Riddell and Elliott Addison took Under 20 Men's silver and Somto Okpalauko, Aaron Eweka, John Ryan and Kester Tomy won bronze in the Under 15 boys' equivalent. 

Kester and Somto combined with Edoardo Sonzogni and Oliver Ray fo U15 Boys' 4x300m gold, and another gold went to the U20W 4x400m quartet of Amy Baggs, Sandi Wallis, Emily James and Georgia Phillips. Both Under 20 and senior men's 4x400m foursomes won silver with Matthew Agnimel, Finn Hutton, Lewis Debenham and Fraser Boston forming the Under 20s and  Elliott Addison, Alex McCree, Kieran Riddell and Joe Ramie the runners-up senior squad.

The 3x800m races also produced a fine medal crop.  Kate O'Neill, Grace Dukelow and Molly Sweetman comfortably lifted the Under17 women's prize, as did Under 13s Billy Titley, Matthew Blacklock and Shane Hart.  Two more bronze medals were earned in the 3x800m as Stephanie Okoro's fast anchor built on Hannah Yexley and Tilly Canty's opening legs, while Lily Bath's swift second leg, after Emily Davies' opener, set up Sydney Foley to secure bronze.

The final medal came in the final race of the evening  as Josie Waddams and Holly Nash (both 200m), Amy Baggs (400m) and Georgia Phillips (800m) added Under 20/Senior Medley relay medals to their earlier podium places.



U13G - 3x800 3rd - A Team (Hannah Yexley 2:45.8; Tilly Canty 2:45.5, Stephanie Okoro 2:27.5 )- 7:58.7; 5th - B Team (Holly Bradley 2:46.5, Chloe Rand 2:46.4 & Maddie Barker 2:50.3) 8:23.1; 6th - C Team (Isobelle O'Connor 2:52.3, Freya Long 3:06.7 & Claudia Attewell 2:59.9) 8:58.8

U13G - 4x100 1st - A Team (Paris King, Stephanie Okoro, Olivia Boachie & Olivia Sorrell) 55.3 (55.8 heat); B Team Heat (Tilly Canty, Rubee McEnaney-Cox, Claudia Attewell, Chloe Austin) 59.7

U15G - 4x100  6th - A Team (Ayesha Anderson, Eden Aboim, Charlotte Bradley, Bella Smith)  53.7 (Heat: 54.5)  Heat: B Team (Mary Lammas, Robyn Moody, Amy Kilner, Georgia Yexley) 57.3

U15G - 3x800m 3rd - (Emily Davies 2:54.5; Lily Bath 2:29.7; Sydney Foley 2:32.2) 7:56.3; 7th (Rose Mears 2:49.9; Morgan Romain 2:52.8; Rebecca O'Rourke 2:51.4) 8:34.1

U17W - 4x100m 5th  (Vanessa Mensah, Charlie Wright, Freya Duffy, Millie Redgrave) 55.5s (Heat 54.9s)

U17W - 4x300m 6th  (Molly Sweetman, Charlie Wright, Freya Duffy, Kate O'Neill) 3:15.3

U17W - 3x800m 1st   (Kate O'Neill 2:27.6, Grace Dukelow 2:34.3, Molly Sweetman 2:26.5) 7:28.3

U20W - 4x100m 1st (Josie Waddams, Holly Nash, Emily James, Abi Shipton)  55.9

U20W - 4x400m 1st (Amy Baggs 64.9, Sandra Wallis 71.4, Emily James 72.7, Georgia Phillips 67.0) 4:35.8

U20W/SW - Medley Relay - 2nd  (Josie Waddams, Holly Nash, Amy Baggs, Georgia Phillips)  4:45.8

U13B - 4x100 B Team  B Team 4th - Joshua Lee Prime, Joshua Stephenson, Thomas Greening, Lewis Dixon 57.8;   A Team (Oliver Yexley, Jacob Blanc, Dominic Alexandru, Jack Botha) DNF;

U13B - 3x800 A Team 1st -  (Billy Titley 2:43.0, Matthew Blacklock 2:18.5, Shane Hart 2:30.1)  7:31.6

U15B 4x100m - A team 3rd - Somto Okpalauko, Aaron Eweka, John Ryan, Kester Tomy - 48.6 (49.2 heat), B Team 4th - Michael Okoro, Ejiro Akpotor, Malcolm Oshungbohun, Oscar Osuala 49.6 (51.1 heat),  

U15B 4x300m 1st - Kester Tomy, Edoardo Sonzogni, Oliver Ray, Somto Okpalauko  2:47.9

U15B 3x800m 4th - (Edoardo Sonzogni 2:15.9, Oliver Ray 2:20.7, Kimathi Christie 2:11.2) 6:47.7; 7th B Team (Timi McDaniel, Sam Bradley, Alex Ford) 7:29.2

U17M 4x100m 6th Tayo Harry, Tobi Idowu, Aaron Freshwater, JJ Morris 48.7 (Heat 48.0)

U17M 4x400m 4th - (Alex Friend 56.7, Ayden Jordan 58.6, Sam Atkins 59.9, Euan McDonnell 55.7) 3:50.9

U20M 4x100m 2nd  - Matthew Agnimel, Shandell Taylor, Kieran Riddell, Elliott Addison

U20M 4 x 400m 2nd - (Matthew Agnimel 54.8, Finn Hutton 52.6, Lewis Debenham 54.5, Fraser Boston 51.3) 3: 33.1

SM - 4x100 1st Karl Tucker, Lewis Bailey, Ben Gad, Joseph Ramie 43.4

SM - 4x400 2nd  (Elliott Addison 54.7, Alex McCree 53.2, Kieran Riddell 55.0, Joe Ramie 51.7) 3:34.5



Pics: Charlie Yexley, Kevin White and others