Essex Relay Championships, Basildon, Friday 29th June 2018

Club young athletes came back from Basildon with a dozen medals and two new club records at Friday's Essex County Relay Championships.

The Under 15 Girls had looked like threatening the long-standing club sprint relay best this season, and the accomplished that with over two months to spare. Aaliyah Payne, Paige Robinson, Shalom Gbadebo and Bella Smith came close to the 50.5s best with their 50.62s heat clocking and their winning final time of 50.30s consigned the record which dated back to 1971 to the history books. It was appropriate that Ruth O'Sullivan who was a member of that team from 47 years ago now coaches two of the record-breaking quartet.  For good measure Tayllah Barton-Conde anchored the B team to silver after legs from Jessie Collier, Uche Okpalauko and Freya Higginbottom. Freya, Tayllah and Uche were later joined by Olivia Boachie in the gold- medal winning 4x300m squad. Alice Atkins, Hannah Yexley and Sydney Foley took bronze in the 3x800m event in this age group.

The second record to fall was the Under 15 Boys 4x300m relay best. All rounder Brad James got the ball rolling to put the squad in front, and Daragh Thomas and Charlie Black extended the lead before Jacob Blanc brought them home in 2m 41.34s, to clip a second off the year-old club best. The B team of Lenny Houston, Jed Oni, Matthew Blacklock and Sam Bradley won bronze and Matthew and Sam were joined by Charlie Howell to win another bronze in the 3x800m race.

Stephanie Okoro's anchor leg claimed Under 13 Girls sprint relay gold, after legs from Tilly Canty, Paris King and Ruby Higgins put her in contention, and she combined again with Tilly and Ruby to win 3x800m silver. The Under 13 Boys sprint relay foursome won bronze, thanks to legs from Reece Malcolm, Lewis Dixon, Teddy Matthews and Dominic Alexandru,

The medal tally was completed by two medals from the Under 17 Men as Reece Harriott, Somto Okpalauko, Oliver Ray and  Alex Friend won 4x400m silver, and Alex and Reece were joined by Louis Berrett to win 3x800m bronze.

Club spokesman Tony Benton said "These championships were the perfect showcase for our talented young athletes to show the strength in depth that is developing thanks to the efforts of our coaches, and the work of our team managers in getting them to the starting line".



U13G - 4x100 1st - A Team (Tilly Canty, Paris King, Ruby Higgins, Stephanie Okoro) 54.02s (53.89s heat); Heats: B Team (Lucy Nattrass, Heidi Aylen, Isabelle Bradley, Rania Richards) 57.15s; C Team (Precious Fagbedegun, Molly Brooker, Lucy Gilham, Eliza Poulson) 62.45s

U13G - 3x800 2nd - A Team (Ruby Higgins 2:30.5; Tilly Canty 2:44.4, Stephanie Okoro 2:25.2 ) 7:40.09s;  B Team (Kate Ruane 2:51.1s; Georgina Moran 3:00.4, Lucy Nattrass 2:57.1) 8:48.57s

U15G - 4x100  1st - A Team (Aaliyah Payne, Paige Robinson, Shalom Gbadebo, Bella Smith)  50.30s (CLUB RECORD) Heat: 50.62s3.7  2nd -  B Team (Jess Collier, Uche Okpalauko, Freya Higginbottom, Tayllah Barton-Conde) 51.72s (Heat: 52.34); C Team - 6th - Heat Isabel O'Connor, Olivia Sorrell, Kiera Eyles, Jessica Roberts) 54.76s

U15G - 4x300  1st - A Team (Freya Higginbottom, Olivia Boachie, Tayllah Barton-Conde, Uche Okpalauko) 2:55.92s

U15G - 3x800m 3rd - A Team  (Alice Atkins  2:33.7; Hannah Yexley 2:37.2, Sydney Foley 2:25.8) 7:36.70s; 5th - B Team  (Maddy Barker 2:35.2, Holly Bradley 2:40.4; Olivia Witton 2:39.8) 7:55.34s

U13B - 4x100 B Team  3rd  - (Reece Malcolm, Lewis Dixon, Teddy Matthews, Dominic Alexandru) 55.06s (Heat: 54.9s);  7th -  B Team Heat - (Daniel Lammas, Sebastian Alexandru, Thomas Greening, Denzel Bilson) 56.36s

U13B - 3x800 A Team 5th  -  (Daniel Lammas 2:33.7; Charlie Burgess 2:45.8; Sebastian Alexandru 2:42.0)  8:01.41; 9th - Team V- Jonathan Pearson 2:46.2; Archie Winney 2:51.2; Lewis Dixon 2:39.8) 8:21.16s; 11th - Team HH (Nathan Hart 2:45.3; Toby Johnson 2:56.1; Teddy Matthews 2:48.5) 8:29.85s

U15B 4x100m - A team 4th - (Daragh Thomas, Jed Oni, Jacob Blanc, Michael Okoro) 48.46s

U15B 4x300m 1st - Brad James, Daragh Thomas, Charlie Black, Jacob Blanc)   2:41.36s (CLUB RECORD); B Team 3rd (Lenny Houston, Jed Oni, Matthew Blacklock, Sam Bradley) 2:56.54s

U15B 3x800m 3rd  - (Sam Bradley 2:21.3; Matthew Blacklock 2:12.1, Charlie Howell 2:21.7) 6:55.01; 6th - B Team (Shane Hart 2:26.3; Lewis Edwards 2:33.6; Lenny Houston 2:31.0) 7:30.9s

U17M 4x100m 6th (Aaron Freshwater, Kimathi Christie, Jamal Thomas, ?) 46.89s

U17M 4x400m 2nd - (Reece Harriott 52.3, Somto Okpalauko 53.9, Oliver Ray 56.0, Alex Friend 55.4) 3:37.55

U17M 3x800m 3rd - (Alex Friend 2:05.7; Louis Berrett 2:10.3; Reece Harriott 2:05.5) 6:21.5; 8th - B Team - (Kimathi Christie 2:23.6, Luke Chester 2:18.1, Oliver Ray 2:15.6) 6:57.3s



Pics: Jo Day, Emily Brown, Tony Benton, Nicole Blanc, Emma Freshwater, Peter Blacklock, Clare Dixon & Kevin White