Essex Championships  – Chelmsford Saturday 11th & Sunday 12th May 2019


Golds  (25)

Silver: (19)

Bronze (20)   

Masters Men   1500m Steve Rand 100m - Mark Bishop ; 1500m Gavin Maley
Senior Men 400m - Akeem Akintokun; 2k SC Rob Warner 100m Ayo Akingbehin 200m - Akeem Akintokun
Senior Women JT Louise Lacy; 3k Ginte Bailey 1500m: Ginte Bailey  
Under 20 Men JT - Max Law 400m Reece Harriott 2k SC Sam Atkins 100m Richard Akinyebo; 800m Alex Friend ;JT Oliver Woods
Under 20 Women 400m Jade Kavanagh; 1500m & 3000m Kate O'Neill    
Under 17 Men 400mH Toby Bishop; JT Brad James; PV Peter B-Quinn 100mH Sam Sanusi; JT Peter B-Quinn; PV Reece Debenham; DT Elijah Payne 100mH Toby Bishop; 3k Alex Ford
Under 17 Women 200m Tayllah Barton-Conde; PV Jessie Collier 100m Tayllah Barton-Conde; JT Adelaide Thatcher-Gray; DT Freya Killilea DT Jessie Collier
Under 15 Boys 80mH Jacob Blanc;1500m & 3k Matthew Blacklock; JT Oliver Yexley; DT & SP Patrick McLean-Tattan   200m Jacob Blanc; JT: Patrick McLean-Tattan
Under 15 girls 300m Olivia Boachie; 1500m Natalie Sewell; 3k Chloe Rand; DT Hannah Yexley 75mH Paige Robinson; LJ Freya Higginbottom; DT & PV Katie Ennis 300m Uche Okpalauko; 800m & LJ: Stephanie Okoro; 75mH Paris King; HJ: Olivia Sorrell
Under 13 Boys 800m Daniel Lammas 200m Daniel Lammas; JT George Francis 1500 Nathan Hart; 75mH Oscar Shearing; DT Noah Harriott;
Under 13 girls 200m Cassie Campbell 70mH & DT Beth Jarret  



Havering athletes came back from the two-day Essex Championships event with over 60 medals, 25 of them gold, and a host of personal bests and club all time ranking marks.

The middle distance events produced a fine crop of medals.  Kate O'Neill won an impressive 1500m & 3000m double in the Under 20s, and Matthew Blacklock set new PBs in repeating the same double for the Under 15 boys.  In the Under 15 girls Natalie Sewell won the 1500m and Chloe Rand the 3000m, and Ginte Bailey added a fourth 3000m gold in the senior event, and returned to win 1500m silver. Rob Warner added his customary senior 'chase title, with Sam Atkins runner up in the U20 chase, and Steve Rand and Gavin Maley won silver & bronze in the masters 1500m. Daniel Lammas' winning Under 13 800m clocking took him into the club all-time top 10, and he followed with 200m silver, and in the same age group Nathan Hart won 1500m bronze. Two more 800m medals came from Under 20 Alex Friend's PB and U15 Stephanie Okoro.

The throwers were equally as successful, claiming 18 medals. The javelin throwers won four golds as Louise Lacy's season's best took the senior title, Max Law Under 20 gold added made it a seven successive javelin titles, Brad James took the Under 17 honours and Oliver Yexley was Under15 champion. Javelin silvers were claimed by Peter Brinton-Quinn and Adelaide Thatcher-Gray in the Under 17s and George Francis (U13) while Oliver Woods (U20), Patrick McLean-Tattan (U15) won javelin bronze. It was an impressive championships for McLean-Tattan who also won gold in both the shot and discus, and more discus success was earned by Hannah Yexley and Katie Ennis, with U15 gold & silver, Freya Killilea and Jess Collier with U17 silver and bronze, Elijah Payne and Beth Jarret, both winning discus silver in the Under 17s and U13s respectively.

The speed merchants were not to be outdone. Tayllah Barton-Conde was the star of the show for the Under 17s.setting new career marks in winning the 200m in style after winning 100m silver, Olivia Boachie and Uche Okpalauko won gold & bronze in the Under 15 300m, both in PBs and jade Kavanagh won the Under 20 400m, while new signing Akeem Akintokun won the senior 400m and added 200m bronze, as Reece Harriott won U20 silver in the 400m. In the shortest sprint Ayo Akingbehin won silver and U20s Richard Akinyebo took bronze, and Mark Bishop returned to the track with Masters 100m bronze  New kid on the block Cassie Campbell topped the Under 13 200m podium in the 200, and Jacob Blanc won U15 bronze in the same event.

Blanc had earlier set a new career best in taking the U15 80m hurdles gold, and Toby Bishop added 400m gold on his event debut, after being edged into 100m hurdles bronze by training partner Sam Sanusi. Paige Robinson won Under 15 75m hurdles silver ahead of teammate Paris King, and U13s Beth Jarret and Oscar Shearing won hurdles silver & bronze. 

Both pole vault golds went Havering's way in the Under 17s as Jess Collier and Peter Brinton-Quinn came up trumps, and Reece Debenham (U17) and Katie Ennis (U15) took vault silvers. Freya Higginbottom and Stephanie Okoro won U15 long jump silver & bronze, and Olivia Sorrell's high jump bronze in the same age group completed the medal roll.


U13 Boys: 100m Heats: Kaesi Okoro 13.96s; Joseph Gray 14.71. Riley Biggs 15.03s 200m 2nd  Daniel Lammas 27.08s (Heat: 27.04w); Heats: James Radden 29.00w; Joseph Gray 29.94w; Jonathan Pearson 30.02w; 800m 1st  Daniel Lammas 2: 19.24; 4th - Nathan Hart 2:28.76s; 15th Joseph Gray 2:39.79;  1500m 3rd  Nathan Hart 4:57.94s; 4th Oliver Taylor-Bush 5:01.47; 6th Toby Johnson 5:06.02; 10th Zack Higgins 5:21.03; 13th Joseph Gray 5:31.94; 75m Hurdles: 3rd - Oscar Shearing 12.99s; Heat: Harry Conlan: 15.99; LJ: 13th Toby Johnson 3.85m; 18th Riley Biggs 3.70m; 19th Kaesi Okoro 3.69m; 24th Harry Conlan 3.02m; DT 3rd  Noah Harriott 18.18m;  JT 2nd  George Francis 17.53m; HJ 10th Adam Murphy 1.10m;   

U15 Boys: 100m Heats: Reece Malcolm 13.11w; Rocco Barwick 13.76w; 200m: 3rd Jacob Blanc 24.59s (Heat: 24.53w) ; Heats: Reece Malcolm 27.14; 800m  4th - Shane Hart 2:15.38s (Heat: 2:16.98); 1500m  1st - Matthew Blacklock 4:25.07s; 4th Charlie Howell 4:33.15s; 8th Shane Hart 4:42.88s; 13th Owen Fisher 4:48.83 3000m  1st - Matthew Blacklock 9:29.77s 80m Hurdles: 1st  Jacob Blanc 11.49s; JT: 1st - Oliver Yexley 46.30m; 3rd Patrick McLean-Tattan 37.97m; 4th Matthew Page 29.75m; 6th Joel Hutton 25.48m DT: 1st - Patrick McLean-Tattan 36.45m; SP: 1st - Patrick McLean-Tattan 12.01m; HJ 7th Rocco Barwick 1.30m; LJ: 9th Rocco Barwick 4.08m

U17 Men: 100m -  Heats Malcolm Oshungbohun 11.69w; Michael Okoro 11.86w; Daragh Thomas 12.07w  200m -  Heats Malcolm Oshungbohun 23.73s; Michael Okoro 24.39; Daragh Thomas 24.66; 1500m -  12th Luke Chester 4:38.29; 3000m 3rd Alex Ford 9:27.33s 100m Hurdles: 2nd  Sam Sanusi 13.57s; 3rd Toby Bishop 13.58s; 6th James With 14.66s; 400m Hurdles: 1st  Toby Bishop 57.72s; JT -  1st  Bradley James 51.33m; 2nd Peter Brinton-Quinn 51.09m; 4th Hal Hutton 39.36m PV  1st Peter Brinton-Quinn 3.40m; 2nd  Reece Debenham 3.00m; DT  2nd  Elijah Payne 33.64m SP  4th Daragh Thomas 9.10m; LJ:  9th Ashton Thatcher-Gray 5.41m; LT:  6th Jed Oni 12.14m

U20 Men: 100m: 3rd -Richard Akinyebo 10.97w; 200m: 7th Aaron Freshwater 24.75s (Heat: 23.81s); 400m: 2nd  Reece Harriott 50.82s; 4th Matthew Agnimel 51.94m; 800m: 3rd  Alex Friend 1:59.00s (Heat: 2:05.05) Heat: Louis Berrett 2:07.87  1500m 4th - Alex Friend 4:08.70s; 2000m 'chase 2nd  Sam Atkins 6:40.29 ; JT:  1st  Max Law 63.20m; 3rd  Oliver Woods 49.57m; 4th Charlie Savill 40.04m

Senior: 100m - 2nd Ayo Akingbehin 11.11s; 200m -  3rd -  Akeem Akintokun 22.58s 400m -  2nd -  Akeem Akintokun 50.10s; 4. Fraser Boston 51.87 (Heat: 51.72s.  800m -  8th Kieran O'Hara 2:08.61s;  1500m 5th James Stewart 4:13.96s; 2000m ' chase 1st  Rob Warner 6:25.56;

Masters Men: 100m 3rd -  Mark Bishop 12.82s;1500m 2nd - Steve Rand 4:32.93; 3rd - Gavin Maley 4:37.23s

U13 Girls: 100m 6th Beth Jarret 14.20s (Heat: 14.03s) 200m 1st  Cassie Campbell 28.0s (Heat: 28.17w) ; 800m 7th Ruby Tillson 2:36.90;  15th Rosie Warner 2:48.25 1500m 6th Rosie Warner 5:38.06s 70mH 2nd - Beth Jarret 12.30s; DT 2nd - Beth Jarret 15.08m

U15 Girls: 100m: 5th Rhys Cole 13.08s (Heat 12.94w; semi: 13.08w): 7th Paige Robinson 13.33s (Heat: 12.81w; Semi: 12.99s); Heats: Paris King (Semi: 13.21w; Heat: 13.05w), Dara Otitoju 13.69w; Lucy Nattrass 13.80w; Rania Richards (Heat: 13.06s; Semi: 13.62w); Olivia Sorrell (Heat: 13.27s; Semi 13.27w;) 200m 7th Rhys Cole 27.51s (Heat: 27.16s); 8th Freya Higginbottom 28.10s (Heat: 27.45s); Heats: Isabel O'Connor 27.74w; Paris King 28.40s 300m 1st  Olivia Boachie 41.95s (Heat: 42.09s;  3rd  Uche Okpalauko 42.69s (Heat: 42.05s) ; 6th Lucy Nattrass 45.27s (Heat: 44.48s); 800m 3rd  Stephanie Okoro 2:21.57s (Heat: 2:21.88s); 5th - Ruby Higgins 2:23.64s (Heat: 2:25.09s); 8th Tilly Canty 2:28.84s (Heat: 2:30.83s) . Heat: Hannah Yexley 2:31.04s  1500m 1st  Natalie Sewell 4:47.02s; 7th Ruby Higgins 5:00.93s; 8th Tilly Canty 5:05.79s; 11th Freya Long 5:17.37s; 16th Maddie Barker 5:29.79s; 3000m 1st  Chloe Rand 10:51.66s  75mH 2nd - Paige Robinson 11.91s (Heat: 12.11s); 3rd - Paris King 12.02s (Heat: 12.09w); HJ;  3rd - Olivia Sorrell 1.40m; =4th Cynthia Asiegbu 1.40m; LJ:  2nd - Freya Higginbottom 4.84m; 3rd  Stephanie Okoro 4.74m; 12th Paris King 4.07m; DT 1st - Hannah Yexley 27.94m; 2nd - Katie Ennis 24.58m; PV 2nd - Katie Ennis 1.80m;  HJ;  4th Isabella Uzal 8.37m; JT: 6th - Faith Reilly 23.61m

U17 Women: 100m: 2nd - Tayllah Barton-Conde 12.37s (Heat: 12.21w); 6th Aaliyah Payne 12.89s (Heat: 12.62w); Heat: Aisha Marenah 13.54; 200m: 1st - Tayllah Barton-Conde 25.70s (Heat: 25.66s); 4th Shalom Gbadebo 27.26s (Heat: 27.79s); 6th Emma Ramsden 27.77s (Heat 27.75s); 12.37s 300m - Heat Poppy Ellis 40.45s; Alice Atkins 44.79s 800m - ?8th Alice Atkins 2:28.63s (Heat: 2:27.43s)  3000m - Rebecca O'Rourke 13:18.72s; JT: 2nd - Adelaide Thatcher-Gray 35.75m;  DT: 2nd - Freya Killilea 29.22m; 3rd - Jessie Collier 27.57m; 4th Alice Atkins 22.19m; PV 1st - Jessie Collier 2.40m

U20 Women: 200m: 5th - Jade Kavanagh 25.72w; 400m: 1st - Jade Kavanagh 59.26s; 1500m - 1st - Kate O'Neill 4m 41.02s; 5th Sophie Rand 5:10.45  3000m - 1st - Kate O'Neill 10:00.11s; SP  4th Philippa Gill 9.90m;  JT  5th Philippa Gill 27.24m;

Senior Women: 1500m: 2nd  Ginte Bailey 4:55.03;  3000m: 1st  Ginte Bailey 10:39.97; JT -1st - Louise Lacy 43.47m


Pics: Tony Benton, Gary Howard & others to follow