Essex Relay Championships, Chelmsford, Friday 28th June 2019

Club young athletes had an amazing evening at Friday's Essex Relay Championships claiming an impressive 11 gold medals, with five other podium places - setting four new club records in the process.

In the 4x100m sprint relays club young athlete teams almost had a clean sweep of the titles, winning five of the six on offer, with the other team losing out due to a disqualification. The Under 15 boys' quartet started thing going in style winning gold and also breaking the club record which had stood since July 2000 and posting the second fastest time by a UK club team this summer. Charlie Black, Jacob Blanc, Jack Botha and Denzel Achi held off a strong Newham & Essex challenge to clock 46.41s, over half a second inside the old club mark.

Hot on their heels the Under 17 Women's squad of Shalom Gbadebo, Mali Grant, Bella Smith, and Tayllah Barton-Conde who posted their fastest time of the season, and the fastest by a club U17 squad for over 10 years to win gold. They were soon followed by gold from the Under 15 girls’ quartet of Rhys Cole, Paige Robinson, Steph Okoro and Uche Okpalauko who had recorded the third fastest time ever by a club U15 team in their heat and look to improve the club record this year. The Under 13 girls’ quartet survived a scare with a fumbled change but recovered for gold and the team of Brianna Ofori, Beth Jarret, Ruby Tillson and Cassie Campbell also came close to the club record in their heat. The fifth sprint relay gold went to the Under 13 boys team who clocked the third fastest time in the UK this year and could threaten the club record dating from 2006 as Al-Ameen Salaam brought home gold after legs from Seb Alexandru, Teddy Matthews and Daniel Lammas.

Club teams also won all three 4x300m relays, all three in club record marks. Steph Okoro, Lucy Nattrass, Uche Okpalauko, and Olivia Boachie combined for Under 15 girls' gold in the fastest time by a UK club team this season to carve a second and a half of the club best, and Ruby Higgins, Natalie Sewell, Cynthia Asiegbu and Tilly Canty showed the club's strength in depth by winning bronze. Charlie Howell, Patrick McLean-Tattan, Charlie Black and Jacob Blanc broke their own club Under 15 record and UK lead, and Matthew Blacklock, Shane Hart, Oliver Yexley and Denzel Achi were runners-up. The Under 17 Women's record fell as Alice Brown, Alice Atkins, Sydney Foley and Mali Grant added to the gold tally, and the Under 17 Men's 4x400m team of Somto Okpalauko, Kimathi Christie, Sam Sanusi and Daragh Thomas added silver.

Club teams won three golds and two other medals in the 3x800m relay events. Nathan Hart, Al-Ameen Salaam and Daniel Lammas won Under 13 boys' gold and the B squad of Michael Tesi, Zack Higgins and Oliver Taylor-Bush won bronze. Charlie Howell, Shane Hart and Matthew Blacklock completed the Under 15 boys' medal haul with victory, and Natalie Sewell, Ruby Higgins and Steph Okoro led the Under 15 race from the start for gold, while the Under 13 girls' trio of Charlotte Evans, Hannah Evans and Ruby Tillson took silver.

Club Chairman Tony Benton said "This amazing evening's achievements by our athletes was the most successful county competition for club relay teams that I can recall, and possibly the best ever. Some of our teams are pretty untouchable at county level and three of our sprint relay squads will get the chance to take on the best at the Club:Connect Relays at the Anniversary Games Diamond League meeting on Sunday 21st July at the Olympic Stadium.  The Under 15 Boys, Under 15 girls and Under 17 men's sprint relay quartets have received invitations and some of our other teams would have been invited had the qualifying cut-off date at the end of May not fallen before their recent results"



U13G - 4x100 1st - (Brianna Ofori, Beth Jarret, Ruby Tillson, Cassie Campbell) 54.67s (53.33s heat);

U13G - 3x800 2nd -  (Charlotte Evans  2:41.8; Hannah Evans 2:47.1, Ruby Tillson 2:31.0 ) 7:59.94s; 

U15G - 4x100  1st - A Team (Rhys Cole, Paige Robinson, Steph Okoro, Uche Okpalauko)  50.66s  (Heat: 50.02s); 7th -  B Team (Rania Richards,  Isabel O'Connor, Olivia Boachie, Olivia Sorrell) 53.74s (Heat: 52.95); C Team - Heat (Freya Long, Isobelle O'Connor,  Isabelle Bartlett, Heidi Aylen) 58.19s

U15G - 4x300  1st - A Team (Steph Okoro, Lucy Nattrass, Uche Okpalauko, Olivia Boachie) 2:52.55s CLUB RECORD  3rd - B Team (Ruby Higgins, Natalie Sewell, Cynthia Asiegbu, Tilly Canty) 2:58.23s,

U15G - 3x800m 1st -  A Team  (Natalie Sewell 2:19.9, Ruby Higgins 2:23.9, Steph Okoro 2:22.8) 7:06.7s; 4th - B Team  (Hannah Yexley 2:36.7, Maddie Barker 2:31.6, Tilly Canty 2:31.2) 7:39.56s; 6th - C-Team: (Holly Bradley, Isobelle O'Connor, Freya Long) 7:43.45); 11th D-Team (Isabelle Bartlett, Ruby Guynan, Kate Ruane) 8:40.72

U17W: 4x100  1st - (Shalom Gbadebo, Mali Grant, Bella Smith, Tayllah Barton-Conde)  50.05s

U17W: 4x300  1st - (Alice Brown, Alice Atkins, Sydney Foley, Mali Grant)  2:52.54s CLUB RECORD

U13B - 4x100 B Team  1st - (Seb Alexandru, Teddy Matthews, Daniel Lammas, Al-Ameen Salaam) 51.83s (Heat: 51.64s);  4th -  B Team (Jude Ogundare, James Radden, Joseph Gray, Kaesi Okoro) 55.68s (Heat 55.22s); 8th C Team (Riley Biggs, Jack West, Waleed Kabuye, Jonathan Pearson) 60.13s (Heat: 58.58s);

U13B - 3x800 A Team 1st -  (Nathan Hart 2:29.2s; Al-Ameen Salaam 2:23.0; Daniel Lammas 2:18.8s)  7:21.03s; 3rd - B Team (Michael Tesi 2:29.4; Zack Higgins 2:39.4; Oliver Taylor-Bush 2:30.9) 7:39.24s; 5th - C Team (Ryan Carroll, Joseph Gray, Jack West) 7:56.23s; 12th - D Team: Noah Harriott, Adam Murphy, Jeffrey Fenoo) 8:36.85s

U15B 4x100m - A team 1st - Charlie Black, Jacob Blanc, Jack Botha, Denzel Achi)  46.41s (CLUB RECORD); 4th - B team - Lewis Dixon, Matthew Blacklock, Dominic Alexandru, Patrick McLean-Tattan) 50.59s; 6th - C team: Timi Oladunjoye, Elija Browne, Rocco Barwick, Oliver Yexley 53.37s:

U15B 4x300m 1st - (Charlie Howell, Patrick McLean-Tattan, Charlie Black, Jacob Blanc)   2:36.05s (CLUB RECORD); B Team 2nd - Matthew Blacklock, Shane Hart, Oliver Yexley, Denzel Achi 2:42.89; 5th C Team Rocco Barwick, Dan Peters, Finley Wolton, Lewis Edwards 2:58.82

U15B 3x800m 1st -  (Charlie Howell 2:10.4s Shane Hart 2:21.5s; Matthew Blacklock 2:08.9s) 6:40.79; 4th - B Team Joshua Lee-Prime, 2:23.8; Dan Peters 2:19.4s; Finley Wolton 2:23.7s) 7:06.91s; 6th C Team - (Lewis Edwards, Max Robbins, Lewis Dixon) 7:36.36s

U17M 4x100m 7th B Team (Brad James, Daragh Thomas, Ashton Thatcher-Gray, Kimathi Christie) 46.75s Heat: A Team: (Michael Okoro, Sam Sanusi, Somto Okpalauko, Malcolm Oshungbohun) DQ (46.12s)

U17M 4x400m 2nd  (Somto Okpalauko 53.3s, Kimathi Christie 52.3s, Sam Sanusi 53.8; Daragh Thomas 54.5s) 3:33.90

U17M 3x800m 4th - (Luke Chester 2:15.6s; Sam Bradley 2:16.6s; Alex Friend 2:12.2s) 6:44.31 ; B Team: (Calum Paget, Timi McDaniel, Lenny Houston) 7:04.38

Senior/U20M: Medley relay (200-200-400-800): 3rd Louis Berrett, Sam Atkins, Reece Harriott, Alex Friend) 3:46.87



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