Essex Cross Country League, Round 1, One Tree Hill, 9 October 2010

An individual victory for Faye Fullerton and a team win for the senior men marked a successful start to the Essex Cross Country League for Havering Mayesbrook teams at One Tree Hill on Saturday.

Faye Fullerton returned from injury to record a comfortable senior women's victory finishing almost two minutes clear of the opposition. It was a welcome return for the GB International whose summer season was blighted by an Achilles injury and ended prematurely in July with a torn calf. Four other ladies - all veterans - completed the course as Jo Sullivan was a good 31st in a field of almost 100, with Angie Thompson (51st) and Jane Hallam (60th) completing the scoring quartet and Jenny Golan supporting in 76th. 

The senior men’s team had a great start to the season, taking first place in a very competitive contest with four scorers in the top 20. Rob Warner led the team home with a good 11th place not far in front of Jamie Buckley Stanton in his first senior Essex league taking a great 13th.  The fast improving Chris Smith came in 18th with Steve Rand 21st and Mat Bland 23rd (first Vet) all having very good runs. A strong running Neill Collins in 48th completed the scoring team of six. The squad had eleven finishers with Chris Coates and Paul Berrett running well in 75th and 76th, Graham Hogan was next home in 89th and vets Dave Hallam 115th and Gary Howard 123rd completing a very strong team


In the U15 girls Lydia Hallam impressed in second place in her first race in this age group with Francesca Smith a fine eighth. Isabella Woods in 16th and Lindsay McLachlan 19th brought the quartet into second team position, and Avril Loynes in 27th and Lindsey Wiggins in 33rd were just outside the scorers.


The U13 girls also bagged second thanks to strong showings from Sarah Wilson and Heidi Surman-Wells who were fifth and sixth respectively. Jess Ward in a good 15th and Abigial Spink in 15th saw the team well clear in second, and impressively  seven other athletes took part, with Amy Baggs, Gemma Archer-Haley and newcomer Lauren Earl all in the top 30, with debutants Bethany White, Anne McGuire and Grace Rovira also gaining good experience.


A third runners up spot came from the Under 13 boys, thanks to close packing from Sean Wilson (10th), Ryan Green (19th), Robert Woodgate (19th) and Fraser Scott (26th). There were encouragingly five other finishers thanks to good runs from Thomas Pitkin (30th), Sam Hurley (31st) and Lewis Minton (32nd), while Michael Hollette (40th) and Josh Stevens (50th) tasted league action for the first time. 


The Under 15 boys had just their scoring four but did well for third led home by tenth placed Nick Shade, a much-improved Andrew Holland in 15th with James Kidd 21st and Nick Duffey in 24th.


Becky Stanley was a good ninth in her first appearance in the U17 women's event as Patsy McWeeney (15th), Shannon Sullivan (20th) and fit again Sharmila Golan (22nd) came home fourth.


Hoseah Gikungu was a fine third on his U17 Men's cross country debut for the best boys' result.  Ryan O'Mahoney (15th), Tom Davis (18th) and Massi Dendani (20th) were the scorers who were fourth in the team stakes. Also in action were Ross Earney (25th), Tom Brown (28th), Chris Hyde (32nd) and Adam Wileman (36th).




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Under 13 Girls: 5th - Sarah Wilson 15:40; 6th - Heidi Surman-Wells 16:02; 15th - Jess Ward 18:02; 18th- Abigail Spink 18:10  (Team 2nd - 44 pts) 21st - Amy Baggs 18:21; 25th - Gemma Archer-Haley 18:47; 27th - Lauren Earl 19:06; 29th - Megan Ruffell 19:47; 33rd - Bethany White 20:43; 35th - Annie McGuire 20:58; 48th - Grace Rovira 23:35

Team: 1. Chelmsford 14; 2. HMAC - 44; 3. Southend 68


Under 15 Girls: 2nd - Lydia Hallam 17:57; 8th- Francesca Smith 19:27; 16th - Isabella Woods 20:16; 19th - Lindsey McLachlan 21:01; 2 (Team 2nd - 45pts) 27th - Avril Loynes 22:35;  33rd - Lindsey Wiggins 23:48;

Team: 1. Chelmsford 21; 2. HMAC 45; 3. Southend 58


Under 17 Girls/ under 20 women:  9th Becky Stanley 19:37; 15th- Patsy McWeeney 20:54; 20th - Shannon Sullivan 23:02; 22nd - Sharmila Golan 24:00   (Team 4th - 66 pts)


Senior Women: 1st - Faye Fullerton 29:41; 31st - Jo Sullivan (W35) 37:06; 51st - Angie Thompson (W35) 39:56; 60th - Jane Hallam (W40) 41:10;(Team 8th - 143 pts)  76th - Jenny Golan (W40) 45:30

 Team: 1. Benfleet 40; 2. Chelmsford 46; 3. Colchester H 53; ..8. HMAC - 143;


Under 13 Boys:  10th - Sean Wilson 15:11; 15th - Ryan Green 15:31; 19th - Robert Woodgate 15:45; 26th - Fraser Scott 16:26 (Team 2nd - 57 pts); 30th - Thomas Pitkin 16:41; 31st - Samuel Hurley 16:42; 32nd - Lewis Minton 16:49; 40th - Michael Hollette 18:08 (N/S); 50th - Josh Stevens 20:42 (N/S)

Team: 1. Benfleet 30; 2. Southend 34; 3. Basildon 34; 4 HMAC - 70;

Under 15 Boys: -  10th - Nick Shade 17:18; 15th - Andrew Holland 17:33; 21st - James Kidd 17:55; 24th - Nick Duffey 18:16;  (Team 3rd - 70 points)  

Team: 1. Southend 21; 2. Colchester 61; 3rd HMAC - 70

Under 17 Boys:  3rd - Hoseah Gikungu 26:55; 15th - Ryan O'Mahoney 30:42; 18th - Tom Davis 31:01; 20th - Massi Dendani 31:45;  (Team 4th - 56 pts)  25th - Ross Earney 32:30; 28th - Tom Brown 33:30; 32nd - Chris Hyde 35:48; 36th - Adam Wileman 36:29

Team: 1. Chelmsford 24; 2. Southend 33; 3. Basildon 41; 4. HMAC - 56


Senior Men: 11th - Rob Warner 29:56; 13th - Jamie Buckley-Stanton (U20) 30:07; 18th - Chris Smith (M35) 30:39; 21st - Steve Rand (M35) 30:59; 23rd - Mat Bland (M40) 31:10; 48th - Neill Collins 33:21 (Team 1st - 134 pts); 75th - Chris Coates 35:01; 76th - Paul Berrett (M45) 35:04; 89th - Graham Hogan 35:54; 115th -Dave Hallam (M40) 37:56; 123rd - Gary Howard (M45) - 38:36

Team: 1. HMAC 134  2. Colchester H 154; 3. Orion 179

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Photos: Kevin White





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