Essex Schools Championships - Chelmsford Saturday 8th June 2019  

The class of 2019 passed their exams with flying colours as club athletes won 28 medals, 9 of them gold, as the Essex Schools Championships took place at blustery Chelmsford on Saturday.

The throwing events produced a fine crop of medals. Peter Brinton-Quinn smashed his best in the Intermediate javelin to claim gold and earn selection for the English Schools Championships, where he will be joined by runner-up Bradley James, who won silver in last year's Junior event at the national schools. Adelaide Thatcher-Gray repeated her silver from last year in the inter girls' equivalent and Oliver Yexley added another javelin silver in the junior boys.

Patrick McLean-Tattan's discus PB took junior gold and earned him English Schools selection, Hannah Yexley and Katie Ennis won gold & silver in the junior girls' discus and Freya Killilea and Jessie Collier took gold and bronze in the inter discus.  Anne-Prisca Djondo's PB earned inter shot silver and Ejiro Akpotor won bronze in the boys' equivalent.

The hurdles once again provided a fine return with two gold, two silvers and a bronze. Jacob Blanc improved his best to win junior 80m hurdles gold and English Schools selection, in the fourth fastest ever by a club U15, and will go faster as his time was affected by the strong headwind. Paris King smashed her best in the junior girls 75m hurdles and the judges were unable to separate her from Thurrock's Jodie Self after a photo finish with both girls sharing first place, with Paige Robinson picking up bronze. Sam Sanusi improved his best despite the headwind for Inter 100m hurdles silver, and Toby Bishop was in the 400m hurdles silver position - both have earned the selectors' call up for the National schools' champs.

Another athlete heading for the English Schools is Poppy Ellis who dominated the Inter 300m to defend her title, with Mali Grant winning bronze. Poppy will be joined in the Essex Schools team by winner of the junior girls' equivalent Olivia Boachie who added the schools 300m title to her Essex county crown with Uche Okpalauko in runners up. Tayllah Barton-Conde was edged out of gold in the final strides of the inter girls 200m.

Natalie Sewell comfortably won the junior 1500m, but Stephanie Okoro just lost out on gold in a tight finish to the junior 800m. Charlie Howell improved his best to win junior boys' 800m silver while Alice Brown was also 800m runner up in the Inter age group. Matthew Blacklock's PB won junior 1500m silver and Sydney Foley was similarly runner up in the Inter 3000m.

Selections are being confirmed in the next few days but the club contingent for the English Schools Championship at Birmingham on 11th & 12th July looks like being in double figures again.


Gold: 9 - Silver - 15 - Bronze 4

English Schools National Standards # = 3; English Schools Entry Standards * = 9

Inter boys (U17)

100m: Heat: Malcolm Oshungbohun 12.41

200m: 5th Michael Okoro 24.47s (Heat: 25.02)

400m:  4th Somto Okpalauko 52.36s (Heat: 52.81s); 7th Daragh Thomas 57.63s (Heat: 55.66s)

800m: Heat Sam Bradley 2:15.58s

1500m: 5th Alex Ford 4:32.33s

100m H 2nd San Sanusi 13.55s * (Heat: 13.73s); 6th James With 14.46s (Heat: 14.61s)

400m H 2nd Toby Bishop 57.40s *

JT - 1st  - Peter Brinton-Quinn 54.78s #; 2nd  Bradley James 52.78s *

LJ: 8th  Ashton Thatcher-Gray 5.68m

TJ: 7th  Jed On 12.35m

SP: 3rd  Ejiro Akpotor 12.29m

Junior Boys (U15)

100m: 7th - Jack Botha 12.34s (Heat: 12.54s)

200m 5th Charlie Black 25.41s (Heat: 25.03s)

800m 2nd Charlie Howell 2:07.02s (Heat: 2:15.23s) ; Heat: Joshua Lee-Prime 2:25.15

1500m 2nd  Matthew Blacklock 4:20.13s (Heat: 4:42.74); 5th Shane Hart 4:40.68s (Heat: 4:42.74); 8th Oliver Jones 4:45.41s (Heat: 4:49.01s)

80m Hurdles - 1st - Jacob Blanc 11.38s #  (Heat 11.67s * )

JT - 2nd  Oliver Yexley 43.02m

DT: 1st   Patrick McLean-Tattan 39.41m #

HJ: 5th  Dominic Alexandru 1.61m

LJ: 4th - Denzil Achi 5.56m

SP: 10th Jonathan Taiwo 10.17m

Inter Girls (U17)

100m 6th Aaliyah Payne 13.02s (Heat: 13.25s)

200m: 2nd Tayllah Barton-Conde 25.76s * (Heat: 26.03s)

300m: 1st : Poppy Ellis 40.19s * (Heat: 41.24s);  3rd  Mali Grant 42.15s (Heat: 43.64s), Heat: Emma Ramsden 47.25s

800m 2nd  Alice Brown 2:18.32s (Heat: 2:28.96s); 6th Alice Atkins 2:34.16 (Heat: 2:32.75s)

3000m - 2nd: Sydney Foley 10:34.52s

SP: 2nd  Anne-Prisca Djondo 11.10m

DT: 1st - Freya Killilea 29.66m; 3rd: Jessie Collier 27.08m

JT: 2nd  - Adelaide Thatcher-Gray 39.79m  *

Junior Girls (U15)

100m 6th Rhys Cole 13.16s

200m: 7th Olivia Purdie 29.34s (Heat: 29.94s

300m - 1st - Olivia Boachie 42.07s (Heat: 42.83s) 2nd - Uche Okpalauko 42.42s (Heat 43.16s) 7thLucy Nattrass 45.43s (Heat: 45.20s)

800m – 2nd - Stephanie Okoro  2:19.17s (Heat: 2:22.17s); 6th Maddie Barker 2:36.58s (Heat 2:32.50s). Heat: Holly Bradley 2:40.85s

1500m - 1st   - Natalie Sewell  4:44.09s *  (Heat: 5:04.64); 4th Ruby Higgins 4:54.34s (5:23.84s) ; 7th Chloe Rand 5:11.10s (Heat 5:17.59s)

75m Hurdles - =1st - Paris King 11.63s * (Heat: 12.04s) 3rd: Paige Robinson 12.21s (Heat: 12.37s)

SP: 11th Isabella Uzal 8.23m

DT: 1st - Hannah Yexley 28.53m *; 2nd Katie Ennis 23.81s

HT: 5th Claudia Attewell 21.49m

HJ: 4th Cynthia Asiegbu 1.46m; 6th - Olivia Sorrell 1.31m

LJ:  2nd  - Freya Higginbottom 4.77m

Provisional/Expected English Schools Selections = others possible

Inter Boys (4) – javelin - Peter Brinton-Quinn & Bradley James; 400mH - Toby Bishop; 100mH: Sam Sanusi

Junior Boys (3): 80m hurdles – Jacob Blanc Discus : Patrick McLean-Tattan ; Javelin - Oliver Yexley

Inter Girls (2): 300m Poppy Ellis; Discus: Alice Brown

Junior Girls (1) 300m Olivia Boachie

Senior Boys (1) – Max Law – javelin 

Senior Girls (3 to 4): 3000m – Jessica Mitchell & Kate O'Neill.  Triple jump – Mayi Hughes (London Schools); Awaited: Shot – ? Chimdi Okpalauko (Kent Schools)


Photos - Tony Benton

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