National Junior League, Thames Division, Bedford 29 April 2007

Match Result

Men Women Match Points League Points
1 Basildon 284 220 505 8
2 City of Norwich 218 212 430 7
3 Team Bedford 207 212 419 6
4 Havering Mayesbrook 149 242 388 5
5 Ipswich 97 154 251 4
6 London Heathside & Highgate 113 109 222


7 Colchester & Tendring 112 0 112 2
8 St Albans & Watford 0 0 0


(Excludes officials points)


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Angela James broke a club record at the first time of asking as she cleared 2.10m to improve the U17 pole vault mark on her debut at the event at today's National Junior League fixture. She also won the B triple jump with a useful 9.52m on her debut, scored high jump points and ran a relay leg on her first appearance in this league for U20s and U17s.

Nicola Hill again starred with a treble with wins in both hurdles, equalling her week-old 400mH best of 65.3s, clocking a fast 15.5s for the 100mH event in tricky conditions & taking the long jump with a season’s best of 5.27m against strong opposition. Lisa Schofield added a B hurdles double, with a season’s best in the 100mH event, and also contributed 200m points and fine relay leg.

Georgie Sales led from gun to tape to win the 3000m in a PB time and was also second in the B javelin. Another win came from Bethan Siddons in the triple jump, after placing second in her high jump main event.

Lauren Clark has a trio of runners-up spots, taking second in the 400m, discus and B 200m (PB) as well as the fastest 4x400m leg and Katie Richardson was second in both 400m B and 1500m, filled in for a few points in the 100m as well as a good anchor leg in the 4x400m relay, Emma Christmas was second in the javelin, Lauren Clark took the same place in the B discus and B string runners up points also went  to Ingrid Deane (1500m) and Hayley Pegg (3000m). Jade Edwards helped the cause in the 800m, shot, hammer & relay.

For the men Bradley Reece impressed with a huge hammer PB to go fourth on the club U20 list. It gained him second place points, a feat repeated in the discus and her also threw well in the shot. Vince Lazaro, Anthony Williams and Rob Jones scored well. Vincent was runner up in both long & triple jump (B), as well as B javelin, while Anthony had three second placings in hurdles long & triple jumps. Rob Jones battled hard in 400m & 1500m before coming back for steeple chase second place.

Good efforts came from Josh Dunne and Callum Sutton in 200m & 800m, and Chris Lowe completed the team with 1500m points and filled a relay slot.

The women won their competition but the depleted men's squad were fourth and the combined team also had to settle for fourth in the match as Basildon won comfortably.  With stronger support from the club’s U17s at the next fixture a second place finish next time looks possible.


  A STRINGS Pos. Time/Dist     B STRINGS Pos. Time/Dist
100 Katie Richardson 5 13.8s inj  100 Ingrid Deane (U17) 5 15.9s
200 Lisa Schofield 5 27.1s   200 Lauren Clark 2 27.1 PB
400 Lauren Clark 2 59.9s   400 Katie Richardson 2 62.7s
800 Jade Edwards 4 2:32.5s 800      
1500 Katie Richardson 2 5:15.6s   1500 Ingrid Deane (U17) 2 5:35.0s
3000 Georgie Lou Sales (U17) 1 10:48.0s PB  3000 Hayley Pegg 2 11:32.8s
100H Nicola Hill 1 15.5s 100H Lisa Schofield 1 16.1s
400H Nicola Hill 1 65.3s =PB  400H Lisa Schofield 1 69.6s
L.J. Nicola Hill 1 5.27m   L.J.      
H.J. Bethan Siddons (U17) 2 1.55m   H.J. Angela James (U17) 2 1.40m
T.J. Bethan Siddons (U17) 1 10.26m   T.J. Angela James (U17) 1 9.52m PB
P.V. Angela James (U17) 2 2.10m PB *    * Club U17 record
S.P. Lauren Newton 5 6.74m S.P Jade Edwards 5 6.02m
D.T. Lauren Clark 2 32.78m   D.T. Lauren Newton 2 25.08m
J.T. Emma Christmas 2 36.38m   J.T Georgie Lou Sales (U17) 2 26.05m
H.T. Lauren Newton 6 14.46m H.T. Jade Edwards 5 8.71m
4x100 Lisa Schofield, Jade Edwards, Angela James, Nicola Hill 3 54.4s
4x400 Ingrid Deane (67.5), Lauren Clark (59.6), Georgie Sales (65.5), Katie Richardson (61.2) 2 4:13.8

  A STRINGS Pos. Time/Dist     B STRINGS Pos. Time/Dist
100 Vince Lazaro 7 12.4s   100
200 Callum Sutton (U17) 7 27.2s   200 Josh Dunne (U17) 6 24.7s PB
400 Rob Jones 7 58.6s 400
800 Callum Sutton (U17) 7 2:08.0s PB 800 Josh Dunne (U17) 3 2:11.0s PB
1500 Rob Jones 6 4:36.5s 1500 Christopher Lowe (U17) 5 4:53.0s
3000 3000
110H Anthony Williams 2 16.1s 110H
400H 400H
2000SC Rob Jones 2 7:23.1          
L.J. Vince Lazaro 2 6.42m L.J. Anthony Williams 2 6.07m
H.J. Anthony Williams 4 1.65m H.J.      
T.J. Anthony Williams 2 12.65m T.J. Vince Lazaro 2 12.23m
P.V.   P.V.
S.P. Bradley Reece (U17) 4 10.05m PB S.P Rob Jones 5 6.00m
D.T. Bradley Reece (U17) 2 29.08m  PB D.T.
J.T. Bonne Buwembo 1 60.66m   J.T Vince Lazaro 2 16.45
H.T. Bradley Reece (U17) 2 41.30m PB H.T.      
4x100 Anthony Williams, Chris Lowe, Vince Lazaro, Josh Dunne 4

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