National Junior League, Thames Division, Basildon 27 May 2007

Revised & Verified Match Result (5th June)

Men Women Match Points League Points
1 Ipswich 227 229 491 8
2 Havering Mayesbrook 238 216 489 7
3 Basildon 184 251 470 6
4 City of Norwich 230 172 427 5
5 Team Bedford 185 143 363 4
6 London Heathside & Highgate 58 74 167


7 Colchester & Tendring 54 30 126 2



The National Junior League team produced an impressive all-round performance to win their second round Thames Division fixture at Basildon on Sunday, finishing five points clear of Ipswich with the hosts and Norwich close behind.

There was another strong result from the women, with win doubles from Georgie Sales & Zoey Littlechild (3000m - both PBs), Emma Christmas (who won the athlete of the match award) & Sales again (javelin), and Lauren Clark & Catrina McAuliffe (discus). Lisa Schofield provide the other win in the 100m hurdles and was 2nd in the 400m hurdles event. Becky Owen supported well with a second & third hurdles placings. Katie Richardson helped out with long & triple jump points as well as third place in the 800m, and Ingrid Deane was 3rd in the 800m B. Robyn Matson was a good 2nd in the 1500m (& 3rd in the B hammer!),  with Jenny Holland 3rd in the B 1500, Lauren Newton was 2nd in the B shot. Useful points werre added by Leah Summers in long jump & 100m, and Hayley Pegg 400m.

There was a stronger showing from the men, who covered virtually everything this time, several stepping in to score in unfamiliar events at short notice.

Winning performances came from the 110m hurdles pair Anthony Williams & David Creedon on his debut against older opposition while the strong duo of Bonne Buwembo & Georgie Bean (who had competed at Ashford that morning) took both javelin strings.

There were five other B string wins, two to Craig Moore who answered the team managers' call to cover a vacant high jump slot to pick up full points & he also won the B discus and ran a good relay leg. John Whitehead set a PB to win the B 1500m, just behind Daniel Winters PB in the A string, and Kieran Nelson's made a winning debut at the senior 400m hurdles.

Rob Jones ran well with a good 800m 2nd spot & smashed his steeplechase PB for3rd in the A, with Grant Twist winning the B. Joseph Ramie bagged a pair of 2nd spots in 200m (PB) and triple jump, while hard working Jordan Jackson was second in the discus, as was Vincent Lazaro in the long jump. Josh Dunne completed the squad with valuable 800m points.

With first round winners Basildon back in third and runners up Bedford back in fifth the division is wide open and Havering are now second behind Basildon, with a place in the promotion match up for grabs with good results in the final two fixtures.

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  A STRINGS Pos. Time/Dist     B STRINGS Pos. Time/Dist
100 Leah Summers (U17) 5 14.3s   100 Catrina McAuliffe (U17) 6 15.5s
200 Lisa Schofield 4 27.2s   200 Lauren Clark 4 28.2
400 Lauren Clark 4 60.4s   400 Hayley Pegg 6 67.79s
800 Katie Richardson 3 2:26.4s 800 Ingrid Deane (U17) 3 2:42.8
1500 Robyn Matson 2 4:58.5s   1500 Jennifer Holland (U17) 3 5:08.5s
3000 Georgie Lou Sales (U17) 1 10:40.7s PB  3000 Zoey Littlechild 1 10:59.3s
100H Lisa Schofield 1 15.4s 100H Becky Owen (U17) 3 23.3 PB
400H Lisa Schofield 2 66.8s   400H Becky Owen (U17) 2 77.6sPB
L.J. Leah Summers (U17) 6 3.72m   L.J. Katie Richardson 4 3.48m
H.J. Jennifer Holland 5 1.40m   H.J.      
T.J. Katie Richardson 5 9.19m PB  T.J. Lauren Clark 2 8.73?m
P.V. ==          
S.P. Lisa Schofield 5 6.76m PB S.P Lauren Newton 2 5.71m
D.T. Lauren Clark 1 29.00m   D.T. Catrina McAuliffe (U17) 1 27.16m
J.T. Emma Christmas 1 36.47m   J.T Georgie Lou Sales (U17) 1 26.53m
H.T. Lauren Newton 5 10.11.m H.T. Robyn Matson 3 7.67m
4x100 Ingrid Deane, Zoey Littlechild, Catrina McAuliffe, Leah Summers DQ  
4x400 Lisa Schofield (64.7), Robyn Matson (67.0), Katie Richardson (61.2), Lauren Clark (60.1) 4 4:13.0

  A STRINGS Pos. Time/Dist     B STRINGS Pos. Time/Dist
100 Vince Lazaro 7 12.4s   100 --
200 Craig Moore 6 25.4s   200 Joseph Ramie (U17) 2 23.7s PB
400 Craig Moore 5 55.2s 400 --    
800 Josh Dunne (U17) 5 2:15.8s   800 Rob Jones 2 2:08.8 PB
1500 Daniel Winters 6 4:22.3s PB 1500 John Whitehead (U17) 1 4:23.0s PB
3000 Grant Twist 3 9:40.8 3000 --
110H Anthony Williams 1 16.0s 110H David Creedon (U17) 1 16.8s PB
400H David Creedon (U17) 3 673. 400H Kieran Nelson (U17) 1 68.7
2000SC Rob Jones 3 6:56.7   2000SC Grant Twist (U17) 1 7:01.9
L.J. Vince Lazaro 2 6.34m L.J. Anthony Williams 2 6.10m
H.J. David Creedon (U17) 4 1.55m H.J. Craig Moore 1 1.45m
T.J. Anthony Williams 2 12.73m T.J. Joseph Ramie (U17) 2 12.06m
P.V. --   P.V. --    
S.P. Anthony Williams 3 9.09m PB S.P Jordan Jackson (U17) 4 6.74m
D.T. Jordan Jackson (U17) 2 28.18  PB D.T. Craig Moore 1 28.00m
J.T. Bonne Buwembo 1 59.01m   J.T Georgie Bean (U17) 1 47.05
H.T. Jordan Jackson (U17) 5 12.50m   H.T. Joseph Ramie (U17) 3 7.47
4x100 Anthony Williams, David Creedon, Joseph Ramie, Vince Lazaro 3 47.6
4x400 Kieran Nelson (59.8), Grant Twist (57.7), Rob Jones (61.4), Craig Moore (55.1) 4 3:54.0



Match Points League Points
1 Basildon 1010 14
2 Havering Mayesbrook 912 12
3 Ipswich 777 12
4 City of Norwich 872 11
5 Team Bedfordshire 817 11
6 London Heathside & Highgate 414


7 Colchester & Tendring 256 4

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