National Junior League, Thames Division, Mayesbrook Park 1 July 2007

Provisional Match Result

Men Women Match Points League Points
1 Basildon 253 236.5 524.5 8
2 Havering Mayesbrook 262 221 518 7
3 Team Bedford 223 221 479 6
4 City of Norwich 260 130 425 5
5 Ipswich 72 172.5 279.5 4
6 London Heathside & Highgate 70 34 129


7 Colchester & Tendring 40 6 71 2



Excellent field performances from the men's team, who won their section, were not enough to clinch an overall victory as the National Junior League squad finished runners up to league leaders Basildon at Mayesbrook on Sunday.

Every HMAC male field competitor gained at least second place. Bradley Reece was in fine form with PBs to win both discus & hammer, and Anthony Williams added a pair of wins with hurdles & long jump B full points. Jay Ryan returned to club colours with an impressive high jump victory & good pole vault runners up spot, and the customary javelin double this time came from Georgie Bean and second claimer Johnny Fairclough – also from Sam Harrison’s coaching stable. Craig Moore’s discus PB earned B string victory and he added high jump B runners up points.

Vince Lazaro won the long Jump A & a B string jumps victory came from Paul Adair triple jump while Kieran Nelson added a B sprint hurdles win and improved his best in the one-lap hurdles. Adair had also ducked below the two-minute barrier for 800m earlier but found it good enough only for fifth in a high quality race. Grant Twist was in good form with PBs in both 400m hurdles and steeplechase, finishing third & second. Ross Clarke was second in the 1500m to man-of–the-match James Shane, and Josh Dunne was also runner up in the B 400m

Nicola Hill & Lisa Schofield doubled up for a hurdles maximum and added B sprints victories in the 200m & 100m respectively. A high jump double came from second claim member Jess Tappin (on her debut) and Bethan Siddons, – both added a pair of second places – Jess in both sprints and Bethan in long & triple jumps.

Good points came from the returning Megan Foley (400m – 2nd), Katie Richardson (800m – 2nd) and Robyn Matson (1500m – 2nd). Emma Christmas won the A javelin and Lauren Clark was first home in the B 800m, also adding B string second places in triple jump and discus with Catrina McAuliffe second in the A discus.

The ladies ended on a high as the 4x400m quartet of Lauren Clark, Katie Richardson, Nicola Hill & Megan Foley had a good win. 

The results leaves the team in second place with one fixture remaining, at Colchester on 29 July and the team are in with a good chance of qualifying for the promotion final, with the chance of regaining their premier division status.

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  A STRINGS Pos. Time/Dist     B STRINGS Pos. Time/Dist
100 Jessica Tappin (2nd) 2 12.7s w   100 Lisa Schofield 1 13.0s w
200 Jessica Tappin (2nd) 2 26.0s w   200 Nicola Hill 1 26.4s w
400 Megan Foley 3 61.9s   400 Lauren Clark 3 69.0s
800 Katie Richardson 2 2:24.8s 800 Lauren Clark 1 2:33.5s
1500 Robyn Matson 2 4:59.0s   1500      
3000 Vicky Smith 3 11:22.6s   3000      
100H Lisa Schofield 1 15.6s w 100H Nicola Hill 1 14.9s w
L.J. Bethan Siddons 2 4.56m PB  L.J. Nicola Hill NJ  
H.J. Jessica Tappin (2nd) 1 1.50m   H.J. Bethan Siddons 1 1.50m
T.J. Bethan Siddons 2 10.06m   T.J. Lauren Clark 2 8.37m
P.V. ==          
S.P. Lisa Schofield 5 6.62m   S.P Amy Cox (U17) 4 5.50m
D.T. Catrina McAuliffe (U17) 2 27.52m   D.T. Lauren Clark 2 27.48m
J.T. Emma Christmas 1 37.95m   J.T Lauren Newton 2 16.36m
H.T. Amy Cox (U17) 2 25.15m PB  H.T. Lauren Newton 3 7.67m
4x100   DQ  
4x400 Lauren Clark (62.4), Katie Richardson (62.3), Nicola Hill (60.3), Megan Foley (61.6) 1 4:06.6

  A STRINGS Pos. Time/Dist     B STRINGS Pos. Time/Dist
100 Johnny Fairclough 2nd U17 6 13.0s   100 --
200 Craig Moore 6 26.2s   200 Tom Fossett (U17) 5 25.5s
400 Simon Richards 6 58.9s 400 Josh Dunn (U17) 2 56.1s
800 Paul Adair 5 1:59.6s   800 Tom Fossett (U17) 3 2:15.7s
1500 Ross Clarke 2 4:06.6s   1500 Josh Dunn (U17) 4 4:51.6s
3000 Callum Sutton (U17) 4 9:40.9 3000 Chris Lowe (U17) 3 10:29.3s
110H Anthony Williams 1 15.4s w 110H Kieran Nelson (U17) 1 20.0s PB
400H Grant Twist (U17) 3 65.8s PB 400H Kieran Nelson (U17) 3 67.7s PB
2000SC Grant Twist (U17) 2 6:40.4s PB 2000SC      
L.J. Vince Lazaro 1 6.22m L.J. Anthony Williams 1 5.78m
H.J. Jay Ryan 1 1.85m H.J. Craig Moore 2 1.55m
T.J. Anthony Williams 2 12.48m T.J. Paul Adair 1 11.77m PB
P.V. Jay Ryan 2 3.30m PB  P.V. --    
S.P. Jay Ryan 2 10.13m PB  S.P Bradley Reece (U17) 2 9.73m
D.T. Bradley Reece (U17) 1 34.10  PB D.T. Craig Moore 1 32.18m PB
J.T. Georgie Bean (U17) 1 47.02m   J.T Johnny Fairclough 2nd U17 1 44.96m
H.T. Bradley Reece (U17) 1 42.77m  PB H.T. Georgie Bean (U17) 2 17.57m
4x100 Anthony Williams, Vince Lazaro, Tom Fossett, Jay Ryan 4 48.0s
4x400 Paul Adair (53.9), Grant Twist (57.0), Tom Fossett (57.2), Craig Moore (57.8) 4 3:45.9


Match Points League Points
1 Basildon 1518.5 22
2 Havering Mayesbrook 1430 19
3 Team Bedfordshire 1296 17
4 City of Norwich 1297 16
5 Ipswich 1056.5 16
6 London Heathside & Highgate 543


7 Colchester & Tendring 327 6

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