National Junior League, Thames Division, Round 1, Ware, 1 May 2011

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Match Points

League Points


Herts Phoenix




Havering Mayesbrook




Team Oxfordshire



4 Team Cambridge     270



TNWC Herts




Team Bedford





Despite some great team efforts, the National Junior League teams were edged out by just three points by hosts Herts Phoenix at a very windy Ware today.

The men's squad scored strongly with three A string and four B string victories plus sprint relay success. Massi Dendani (1500m) and Jack Edgar-Hill (110m hurdles) contributed the only track wins and Jack added high jump B strong full points and tackled the steeplechase for valuable points. 

Patrick Lear provided the other A success with a new best with the senior javelin and Dan Bristow's league debut brought B string runners' up points. 

The jumps brought some fine results. Josh Olawore's long jump PB of 6.72m took him to within two centimetres of the club U17 record but he had to settle for second, while Richard Holland's huge PB of 6.67m took B string honours. Jimi Tele's season's best in the triple jump of 14.34m earned second and Pedro Maulngo's 12.87m PB won the B. Jimi was close to his 200m best in second place & Pedro added 400m points.

Harry Phillips was second in the high jump and took the B string shot, and joined Jack Edgar-Hill to pile up more points in the 'chase

Jon Seekings added a pair of PBs in both 400m flat & hurdles, finishing second in both, and Laurence Goodacre improved both his shot & discus bests but had to give second best to Athlete of the Match Jonathan Edwards (Cambridge).

Sprinters Adam Samuel & Jordan Brown scored useful points before joining Jack Edgar-Hill & Josh Olawore in the winning 4x100m relay squad.

Richard Holland, Pedro Malungo, Adam Samuel & Massi Dendani combined to place second in the 400m relay.

The already depleted ladies squad suffered a late withdrawal on the day reducing them to just five athletes but battled hard for points. Kike Oniwinde beat strong opposition to win the javelin and take the female Athlete of the Match award. She had earlier placed second in the shot.

Deborah Knight made it maximum points in the B javelin  added 100m & 200m points.

Katherine Knight spun the discus out to a new PB of 31.35m to win the A strong competition and was also second in the B shot, third in the hammer and filled a gap in the 200m.

Patsy McWeeney contributed a pair of second places in the 700m & 3000m in the windy conditions and also scored in the discus.  Ellie Watson completed the quintet, with her best result coming from second place in the triple jump, after points in the high  & long jumps, plus B 100m.

The result shows that the team can contest the Thames Division title if they can muster more athletes in the final three fixtures and earn a place in the end of season promotion fixture.

Full results to follow

  A STRINGS Pos. Time/Dist     B STRINGS Pos. Time/Dist
100 Deborah Knight U17 6 13.4s   100 Ellie Watson 4 15.1s
200 Deborah Knight U17 5 27.7s   200 Katherine Knight 6 34.3s
400         400      
800 Patsy McWeeney 2 2:54.8   800      
1500         1500      
3000 Patsy McWeeney 2 12:54.1   3000      
100H         100H      
400H         400H      
L.J. Ellie Watson 4 4.22m   L.J.      
H.J. Ellie Watson 5 1.40m   H.J.      
T.J. Ellie Watson 2 9.15m   T.J.      
S.P. Kike Oniwinde 2 10.35m   S.P Katherine Knight 2 7.85m
D.T. Katherine Knight 1 31.35m PB D.T. Patsy McWeeney 4 14.53m
J.T. Kike Oniwinde 1 41.12m   J.T Deborah Knight U17 1 29.09m
H.T. Katherine Knight 3 25.12m   H.T.      

  A STRINGS Pos. Time/Dist     B STRINGS Pos. Time/Dist
100 Joshua Olawore U17 2 11.4s PB 100 Adam Samuel 5 11.9s
200 Jimi Tele 2 22.6s   200 Jordan Brown 3 23.8s
400 Pedro Malungo U17 4 58.9s PB 400 Jon Seekings 2 62.4s PB
800 Jamie Buckley-Stanton 4 2:07.0   800 Richard Holland 2 2:33.7s
1500 Massi Dendani 1 4:28.7   1500      
3000 Tom Brennan 2 11:04.5s PB 3000      
110H Jack Edgar-Hill 1 15.1s   110H      
400H Jon Seekings 2 70.4s PB 400H      
2000SC Harry Phillips U17 2 10:38.6s PB 2000SC Jack Edgar-Hill 2 10:44.0s PB
L.J. Joshua Olawore U17 2 6.72m PB L.J. Richard Holland 1 6.67m PB
H.J. Harry Phillips U17 2 1.63m   H.J. Jack Edgar-Hill 1 1.50m
T.J. Jimi Tele 2 14.34m   T.J. Pedro Malungo U17 1 12.87m PB
P.V.         P.V.      
S.P. Laurence Goodacre 2 13.83m PB S.P Harry Phillips U17 1 8.28m PB
D.T. Laurence Goodacre 2 39.85m PB D.T. Richard Holland 4 14.94m PB
J.T. Patrick Lear U17 1 43.02m PB J.T Daniel Bristow U17 2 31.06m PB
H.T. Massi Dendani 3 11.41m PB H.T. Lewis Williams NT  
4x100 Adam Samuel, Jordan Brown, Jack-Edgar-Hill, Joshua Olawore 1 46.4s
4x400 Richard Holland (56.6s), Pedro Malungo (59.8s), Adam Samuel (59.9s), Massi Dendani (52.0s) 2 3:48.3s
  Full results    


100 Jordan Brown 11.8s; Richard Holland 11.8s; Jack Edgar-Hill 11.8s;

TJ: Joshua Olawore 13.61m