UK Women's League, Division 2, Round 3

Scotstoun, Glasgow Sunday 9 August 2015



1 Harrow 207.5
2 Crawley 202
3 City of Glasgow 200.5
4 Havering AC 183
5 Bedford & County 173
6 Newham & Essex Beagles 166
7 Milton Keynes 163
8 Reading AC 112




A battling fourth place at Glasgow on Sunday ensured that the Havering ladies UK Women’s League squad placed third in the final Division 2 table – their highest placing in the national flight since 2009.

It was a great all-round team effort, with just three wins as the team rallied round to cover the card, including three enforced sprint replacements after Zoe Young aggravated her hamstring in her opening long jump event.

GB Youth multi-events international Michelle Hughes improved her 400m hurdles best for a narrow win and was also runner up in the 400m flat and fourth in the shot while Georgie Taylor was the only other A string winner with a convincing discus victory as well as picking up shot & hammer points.

Seasoned team member Chloe van Wulven won the B high jump, with Bethan Siddons runner up in the A, and Chloe was close to her best in both the sprint hurdles and 200m. Former international Kate Cowley is semi-retired these days but can still produce great performances when it matters picking up third places in long jump triple jump & sprint hurdles. Another stalwart Claire Brennan has competed in this league since the club returned to the national stage in 2002 and was third in the 400m hurdles and added points in the vault and B javelin, while Emma Christmas was runner up in the A javelin. Team regular Nina Brennan improved her 400m season’s best and scored in the hammer & discus.

The youthful side had four other U20s in action, in addition to Michelle & Georgie. Lydia Hallam battled for third in the 800m, despite feeling under the weather, while Sarah Wilson’s league debut brought her second place in the B, later covering a 200m gap. Another debutant, Beth James was also second in her main triple jump event and covered the 100m gap and Lucy Bailey returned from injury in the A 100m.

In the longer track events Vicky Smith improved her 1500m season’s best for fourth then returned to the track less than half an hour later for fifth in the ‘chase while marathon specialist Robyn Matson stepped on the track for the first time this summer to score in the 1500m & 3000m while Jane Hallam added fifth place in the B 3000m.

The meeting ended on a high as Michelle Hughes, Nina Brenna, Chloe van Wulven & Lydia Hallam combined to clock the fastest 4x400m relay time by a club senior quartet since 2009 for fourth.

With six Under 20s in the squad the club’s prospects look promising next summer in their fifteenth successive season in the national league.

  A STRING Pos. Time/Dist   B STRING Pos. Time/Dist
100 Lucy Bailey U20 8 13.57w 100 Beth James U20 7


200 Chloe Van Wulven 6 27.02w 200 Sarah Wilson U20 8 29.89w
400 Michelle Hughes U20 2 59.51s 400 Nina Brennan 7 67.25s
800 Lydia Hallam U20 3 2:15.25s 800 Sarah Wilson U20 2 2:32.27s
1500 Vicky Smith 4 4:51.20s 1500 Robyn Matson 5 5:32.10s
3000 Robyn Matson 7 11:40.65s 3000 Jane Hallam W45 5 13:31.16s
100H Chloe Van Wulven 4 14.61s 100H Kate Cowley 3 16.57w
400H Michelle Hughes U20 1 61.20s 400H Claire Brennan 3 71.46s
2000SC Vicky Smith 5 7:47.74s   N/a    
L.J. Kate Cowley 3 5.50w L.J. Zoe Young 5 4.71w
H.J. Bethan Siddons 2 1.65m H.J. Chloe Van Wulven 1 1.55m
T.J. Kate Cowley 3 10.82m T.J. Beth James U20 2 9.77w
P.V. Claire Brennan 4 2.20m P.V. ==    
S.P. Georgie Taylor 3 10.13m S.P. Michelle Hughes U20 4 9.08m
D.T. Georgie Taylor 1 44.82m D.T. Nina Brennan 5 22.88m
H.T. Georgie Taylor 8 23.73m H.T. Nina Brennan 6 19.11m
J.T. Emma Christmas 2 37.22m J.T. Claire Brennan 6 21.63m
4x100 Lucy, Michelle, Claire, Chloe


4x400 Michelle (59.4), Nina (67.0), Chloe (61.8) Lydia (61.6)






1 Harrow 594.5 23
2 Crawley 637 22
3 Havering AC 539.5 15
4 Bedford & County 532 13.5
5 City of Glasgow 518 13
6 Milton Keynes 511 10.5
7 Newham & Essex Beagles 470 8
8 Reading AC 296 3