Mark 19 - as at 30th September 2019 


Hello and a warm welcome to StatPack Mark 20 which updates the last (September 2018) version to include marks achieved during the 2019 indoor and outdoor seasons.

Simon Kilminster compiled the first edition of StatPack well over 20 years ago and although occasionally details from earlier years occasionally surface almost all the changes in this edition again come from performances from the current bunch of talented athletes who continue to rewrite these rankings almost as soon as they can be produced!

The 2019 season has been another excellent year for club athletes which has seen eleven individual and relay records fall. Whereas in recent years the bulk of records have been improved in individual events this year it was new club relay records which predominated.

Individual records fell to Mayi Hughes who improved her own Under 20 Women's and Senior triple jump marks which she set last year, and two up and coming youngsters Jacob Blanc and Al-Ameen Salaam. In a season which saw him win four individual National medals Blanc also made his mark with records in two Under 15 Boys' events, trimming the year old 80m Hurdles record in winning English Schools bronze and adding the 300m best in Essex colours. Blanc regained the 300m record he briefly held in July, before Charlie Howell improved it in the next race. The multi-talented Salaam set four new records in the Under 13 Boys' - the 200m, 75m hurdles, shot and pentathlon.  

It was in the relays events that saw the greatest records' revisions. Al-Ameen Salaam was joined by Jude Ogundare, Daniel Lammas and Sebastian Alexandru in improving the  Under 13 Boys  sprint relay record. Both relay records also fell in the Under 15 Boys age group as the 4x300m relay record was broken for the second successive year with Charlie Howell, Patrick McLean-Tattan, Charlie Black and Jacob Blanc beating the year-old mark, and Charlie Black, Jacob Blanc, Jack Botha and Denzel Achi improved the 4x100m record which had stood since 2000, three times, the third time in winning the Club: Connect Relay at the Anniversary Games.

For the second successive year there were two relay records for the Under 15 Girls' teams. A new mark was set in 4x300m relay as Stephanie Okoro, Lucy Nattrass, Uche Okpalauko and Olivia Boachie, topped the a mark set by last year's quartet while the Under 15 Girls' 4x100m relay squad of Paige Robinson, Paris King, Stephanie Okoro and Uche Okpalauko. set club records on two successive days.

Finally, two records fell in the Under 17 age group as the Under 17 Men's team of Michael Okoro, Sam Sanusi, Somto Okpalauko and Malcolm Osungbohun beat a record initially set in 1981, while the Under 17 Women's 4x300m relay team of Alice Brown, Alice Atkins, Sydney Foley and Mali Grant beat the year old mark.

Yet another fantastic season for club athletes also resulted in a glut of new marks in the all time lists which once again offers much promise for future years!

All-Time Rankings (now updated to 30th September 2019)

Senior Men's list (Top 20 - Full details)

Junior (U20) Men

Under 17 Men

Under 15 Boys

Under 13 Boys

Veteran Men

Senior Women's list (Top 20 - Full details)

Junior (U20) Women

Under 17 Women

Under 15 Girls

Under 13 Girls

Veteran Women

As noted previously, the rankings include only performances for athletes who met the age definitions now in use – this means that a few long-standing under 17 boys’ marks no longer qualified as the athlete in question was too old under the current age groups. This happened because before 1964 an athlete’s age group was calculated as at 1 April prior to the start of the track season not as at 31 August, and also the statisticians used a 31 December cut off until 1970.  I have only included any changes that I have been able to find but it may mean that any marks for that athlete the previous season have been missed.

As usual, some observations on the contents, as follows.

  • Any new listings since StatPack 2018 are all printed in "BOLD" to make them more noticeable — the new additions in 2018 are highlighted in BLUE while those from 2019 are high in RED

  • Where an athlete’s best hand time is marginally better than their best electronic times I’ve included the electronic times as well where these are within the rankings limit.

  • As with recent StatPacks I’ve listed wind-assisted marks separately.  Debate will continue about whether some marks were or weren’t wind assisted – but where there is firm or good evidence of wind assistance (e.g. if the annual national rankings show it) I have listed marks as windy. Some other marks have come to light that are still unverified and I have included these here on that basis.

  • Javelin Senior/Junior Men’s marks have been included from 1986 only, when the new specification (800g) came in. For the U15 and U17 Women the new specification (500g) javelin came into effect on 1 April 2014. Previously the specification for U15 to Senior Women was 600g (since 1999.  Pre-1999 old specification rankings have been omitted)

  • Shot & Hammer: For the U15 and U17 Women the new specification (3kg) came into effect on 1 April 2014.

I have continued to use the following conversion criteria for historic marks.

Ø       100 Yards ‑ 100 Metres                                      100 Yards time plus 1.0 second

Ø       220 Yards ‑ 200 Metres                                      220 Yards time less 0.1 seconds

Ø       440 Yards/440 Yards Hurdles ‑ 400 Metres          440 Yards time less 0.3 seconds

Ø       880 Yards ‑ 800 Metres                                      880 Yards time less 0.7 seconds

Ø       120 Yards Hurdles ‑ 110 Metre Hurdles                Same as they are the same distance



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